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Yesterday, at Heistand Park in Madison, WI, I got my first ace on Hole 14, the beautiful downhiller that overlooks the city. From the am tees (about 250 ft), it was a bit into the wind so I threw a 171 g Star Sidewinder with a bit of hyzer so that it helixed perfectly and slammed the chainz and stayed in the basket! Unbelievable! Had two friends in my group and two people were walking up to the pad, so I had 4 witnesses.


Now for my question: What is the proper etiquette after an ace? Do you write your name and date on the sign or the basket or just your disc, and do you have to do it right after the ace occurs? Also, is it cocky to carry a permanent marker with you, almost expecting an ace?

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You are Absolutely right. !!!! No Graffiti !!!!

Carry a permanent marker and write the info on your disc, have the witnesses sign your disc.

Writing on course equipment is graffiti do not do it!
Never sign anything at the park. Thats a Doucher move. Vandalism, and vandalizing your course, that makes no sense. Scream, yell, high five, adn then pass your disc around for your homies to sign. If they pay you, so be it, either way, its an ACE!!!
Jump up and down while singing Kumbaya.
Actually..if I Ace with a Roc...it's "You Can Still Rock in America" That's usually the song that comes to mind.
Do not sign anything on the course that is permanent and fixed!!! That is Vandalism!!! discs are ok!!
some places like NAD in bremerton, WA or fredrickson in Poulsbo have a huge sign that you write the hole and pad that you throw off and the position of the basket since we have long and short holes out here with the position on the basket so you write on the wall and join the long list of people that have aced holes.
only sign your disc. I carry a marker with me at all times for anything I might need a marker for.

Please do not write on property that is not yours!
Everyone keeps calling it vandalism but I think it's all about where you are at. Our course it's cool there are tons of signatures. We think that aces should go down somewhere. SO at our course it's not vandalism. I mean I wouldn't do it away from home...unless I see a bunch of names on other ones. Vandalism to me is more like spray painting over the signs or tagging the tee pads. I mean we all sign our names very nicely it doesn't look tacky and every signature follows a pattern Name and Date under it. We all know each other and are the only ones who even use the course. TO each his own...but yeah it's a course to course thing...don't see em don't do it. Write it on your disc at that point. If ya see em...well sign it. Still write it on the disc though...=]
Have witnesses sign your disc, never vandalize or graffiti a sign. Yes, it’s a special moment…but treasure it as a moment. And before a round, mention that aces will cost everyone $5 bones and at that time, players will either say “aye or nay”
Just because a lot of people do it and the disc golfers are cool with it doesn't mean it's OK. Whoever owns the park and the signs and baskets probably doesn't want stuff written all over them. Disc golfers aren't the only ones who see the signs and baskets. Anybody in the park can see them and writing all over stuff does not make it look good.

Go ask the Parks and Recreation Director or the course owner if it's a private course if you can write on the stuff. The answer will be, "Are you serious? No you can't write on them!"
Signs, baskets, anything...
it degrades the sport to that of cheapness.
Have your disc signed by those in the group.
And if you are in fifty-one get you $5 from those that participate in fifty-one.

You are bound to get more aces, soon not that you have that feeling!

Having installed signage and baskets, it's a pin in the arss to remove the shiiiit!


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