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By that I mean old.  I'm 56, been playing for 3 yrs, but competitively only 6 months. I developed a mean case on tendinitis recently, which meant a return to forehand only...which is okay, as I can generally average 320-380 drives.  My concern is my throwing style.  Sure, I can still whip one out right now...but I've seen players get similar distance without seemingly throwing very hard...and I am unable to do so.  Injury is a concern, of course.   Any thoughts?

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Lots and lots of beer.

Sorry, that's all I've got. Unless you live in Colorado or Washington.

LOL.  I hear ya.

Always try to golf at 80% or so over exerting your self leads to injury and off line shots.;)

My right arm has been hurting pretty good for the last month or so. I just tape up my wrist and play. Not much else I can do.

Learning to throw smoothly is definitely an advantage when you get older. Proper technique will get good distance.

Yea, much easier to backhand at 80 % than to flick that way.  I throw pretty stable stuff, without a lot of speed they seek the ground or turn right too soon.  But yup...may have to switch out my discs one day....

320-380 sounds like"internet' ' distance to me .

Not sure what that means, Mike, but if you're implying that I fudged a little on the average...maybe you are right.  I've thrown 400 plus, I average above 300, but 380 might be a small stretch.  It took three years of trial and error to get over 300, but as a former baseball player, the sidearm comes natural to me.  It's a lot like throwing a fast baserunner out at first from the shortstop position.  It probably isn't technically correct, and though it doesn't hurt, that style doesn't feel sustainable over the long haul.  So, let's say I average 320-350.

56 and can throw that far you are doing better than most of us in the late 50's you should be giving us advice lol

I am 57 and had a severe case of tendon damage throwing backhand. It finally healed after going to a physical therapist. The key to limiting tendon damage is proper stretching prior to and most importantly after a round. If you experience any pain after a round, ice should be used for 1/2 hour to reduce inflammation.

Push your fingers down towards the inside of your forearm causing your wrist to bend for 15 seconds. Your fingers should almost touch your forearm. Do the same thing by pulling your fingers upward towards the outside of your forearm. This will be somewhat painful, but it actually stretches both tendons and prepares them for the rigors of throwing a disc.

As I mentioned, it is more important to do this exercise after a round when your tendons are fully stressed out from throwing. Think of a rubber band that is all wound up, the stretching realigns the tendon fibers and prevents the pain caused by the tendon being all kinked-up when it goes back to its relaxed state.

Good luck and please try the simple exercise. 30 seconds prior to and after each round is a small price to pay, although holding that stretch for 15 seconds can seem like an eternity LOL.

innova blizzard discs are a good way to throw without using alot of effort of a throwing a heavier disc

Mike, I throw blizzard for backhand, lol.

David, great advice and something for players of every age to remember.

Well , for myself , I can barely walk 6 holes now a days. I have Bad Type 2 Diabetes and second stage pancreatitis. Bad lower leg pain and foot pain. I can throw shorter holes under 400 feet and can Putt well still.  I have been playing Disc Golf for over 40 years and have had a good life doing so. I am happy to see the young kids throwing well and playing well.


I think when you get older , you probably should adjust your throwing style to where you are comfortable. Maybe even try throwing the lighter plastic.

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