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So i just started to really get hooked onto disc this year and needless to say i dont want my season to end just because day light will be.

what i would like to know is what you think works the best as far as using Champ or Z with glow or LED bobbers, buying glow discs, or spraying/painting glow paint on a disc (which i think would definitely be the cheapest way to go)

Also if ya dont mind taking the time i would love it if you could list the pros and cons of any of the ways you have tried. For example I have only played one glow round so far. The night i went was not pitch black and i used Glow bobbers on my champ and z plastics.

Pros: didnt have to charge and they stayed on the whole round

Cons: Could only see them for about 75ft and then i lost the flight path which made it more difficult to find also i couldnt not see the disc until i was about 10ft away if it was in the open. Another con was that the Bobbers ran about $1 a piece which could add up quickly $5+ a round

are the LED bobbers better? I would really like to hear about someone who uses glow paint, it would be nice to just paint some discs i own so i dont have to spent the money on new ones.

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led bobbers are cool till you have to flick them and push them to make them light up, then if they hit something they turn off... the durability sucks.
I've been playing glow for years now and the LED's are the way to go. Although the bobbers aren't that bad, if you know what you're buying, some of them barely light up. I wouldn't recommend buying them in a large quantity on Ebay until you find ones that you like. I've never had the problom of LED's turning off, but I've seen it happen. The best kind of tape is the extra durable packaging tape, I found some clear duct tape at Target, but haven't used it yet. In the beginning I tried pouring the glow liquid from a glow stick onto a piece of cloth and taping it onto my disc, it faded quickly and then warped and deformed my disc. Good discs are hard to find that actually glow, and when you do find them, they're a bit spendy. If you do use them, I wouldn't use a camera flash, its too irritating, go to Fred Meyers and buy a portable mini blacklight and just wand that over your disc before you throw.
We've got it down pretty well now. A few of us show up early and play a round and light up all the pins along the way with 6" glow sticks and then go back to our cars and wait for others to arrive and have a few beers and light up our discs, then we go out for a round of glow! Investing in a pair of waterproof hiking boots is well worth it when you're playing all year round, nothing like rolling your ankle on a frozen mole hole in a pair of regular shoes!
LEDs are the best by far.... Put 3 or more on a disc and (unless you hit a tree head on at full power) you'll never have to worry about finding it! I know, that seems like a lot of lights but man do they look sweet when you get to rip a drive! BUT like Eirik said durability is an issue...

I've tried the BlackJacks Aeropod... very bright but really the durability on it isn't great.... plus battery life really sux!

Taping glow sticks to the disc was a last resort for me one time... that blew!

Check out this site.... http://glowproducts.com/ I'm gonna try the 15'' glow sticks for the next round I play! MAN that's gonna be sweet!!
You can get simple glow bracelets like they used to sell at the fair. Use packing tape and tape it centered in your disc. That works quite well in my opinion. Greens, Yellows, and Blues show up best at night. Red is not that great. I have found green to be the best to use. Get my candy plastics, tape some green glow bracelets on them and go go go.
Discraft Photon glow....no tape flappers, no LED's.
Bobber LED's for your plastic, approx $3 each ,last for 20+hrs and can be seen a little over 400ft in air(unless you have poor eyesight). Thats about 30 cents a rnd per disc. use clear duct tape for attachment, it doesnt break loose under stress and wetness. Unless its bright out ive switched to all photon glow plastic which is very bright but hard to find :( As for lighting the baskets you can use glow bracelets weaved in the chains but this gets to be expensive if you play a LOT. Dollar store also sells(besides glow stiks) little 3LED dome lights that use AAA batteries. $18 for lights and then 3 AAA energizers are about $1 online(buy in bulk)..$36 investment comes to about $3.60 per round. Lights the baskets MUCH better and is SO much cheaper down the road. We play at night a LOT, try not to destroy your plastic by painting it (illegal) now if only the rain would go away so i can play tonight :)
I always used an alchohol whipe on the plate of the disc before I tape a bracelete to it, but honestly, I have had a very difficult time getting some of the tape off before, after a late round full summer glow game where it was very hot. I would be willing to bet it was 4 or 5 rounds before I finally got it all scraped off. Everytime I would pull that disc to throw I would scrape some off while waiting to throw. That was a major pain in the butt, and I'm just anal enough to be determined to get it all off. The tape was some I had left over from shipping a package at the Post Office. They have good tape! Is the Photon Glow still discontinued? I hear it's getting really hard to find, and the Black Jax discs are crap from what I've heard. I've also heard that none of the other companies make a glow disc that stays bright for very long.
Photon Glow is discontinued......check Disczilla....he has some. Black Jax drivers suck...the putter is ok...not great but ok.

With a UV flashlight the photons are amazing.....the other glow discs that normally suck..are much brighter when you juice em with a UV light.
UV flashlights are the only way to go :) they also dont blow your night vision unlike normal lights. Ebay about $4 for a 9 bulb, im looking into the bigger 21 and 51 bulb for about $16 i hear there SICK when used on Photon.
Driver...CE Glow Teebird
Mid.....USDGC Glow Roc
Putter....DGA Glowfly
how much are the leds from radio shack? i can find them for like $3 a peice at meijers.
Some of the people that I play with use the LEDS and tape them to the center of their champion/z plastic on the bottom. I've heard them saying they use flourescent tape and tape it to center on the bottorm of the disc as well. My buddy has a theory of putting bacon grease on the bottom of the disc and having his dog find it.

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