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You make money doing this?
That's what I used to hear when I sat at a drawing table everyday 'drawing pictures.'
Oh man all you do is draw, how hard can that be?
Now it's disc golf too?!
How dare you do something fun in your life.
And make money?!
Know people that get paid installing, designing courses too.
Oh my god. Think of it, Disc Golf as a business, who'd a thought.

It's all about growth.
Real growth comes from efforts that are rewarded.
No one is getting rich, no one is robbing from the poor and giving it to themselves.
We are not investment bankers (that's another story).

This sport is growing, ask The big boys Innova, Discraft, Gateway, Lightning, .......
The suppliers.......

The only way that this 'sport' we call it that, believe it is more of a passion, is going to grow is by supporting those that are growing it.

There aren't any big philanthropists like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet types caring about disc golf.

Any thoughts? Please no delusional fantasies... Disc Golf is not all everything of how great it can be type discussions, you know what I mean?

Try to keep the disc'ussion on planet earth, not some fantasy land.

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That's why there are multi-pin placements and different tee pads available on the pay for play courses.
For all levels of play.
How much cheaper can it get?
I don't think our market is big enough. Essentially what you're proposing is that the normal public park courses remain as they are but we develop a higher end type of course/clubhouse situation for the higher end golfer. We just don't have that many of them. There are players out there who would pay more for that situation, but not enough to justify the investment to create one in any given market. It's like the difference in ball golf between your local municipal course and Pebble Beach or Beth Page Black. Ball golf has a much larger demographic who also tend to be fairly well off so that kind of expenditure can be justified.
There's room for both....I believe some may coexist now...but in DPS's fantasy land....All would become devote retailers of DPS swag....nobody would smoke, drink, rag on each other or buy anything off eBay. We would bow down to his lengthy worldwide course design stats...his mad TD 'ing skills. When his presence is not upon us..we would adopt an idol in his absence.......Mr. Potato Head!!!

Oh crap...we were supposed to keep this real...sry
This is not so god boy of meaningless triviality.
Right now there are both, and most likely will be.
You take things way too literal.
Just saying that pay for play has its benefits that the public courses do not.
Pro Shops, maintained property, people drink and smoke (Don't care) on some of these private properties.

Is it only about a few that want to hang out in the park and do that which their wives won't let them do at home or in the mall.

Ebay has its place, you for one are a major advocate at getting something for nothing and selling it on Ebay (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Ebay has changed the 'disc golf market drastically.'
A roc for $2-3000! Disc brand new for $6-7 that should be sold for more.
Next time you go to a job, ask how they compensate for your paycheck?
The money has to come from somewhere.

It's not all about DPS, my biz is only a small part of the 'big picture.'
Are you a graduate of the school of insults when someone has an opinion?
This dgrus is all about opinions.
They way it's supposed to be.
Pffffft....That's it, I'm selling my annual pass to dps land and my dps limited edition Mr. Potato Head on Ebay.
What's the first bid?
O.M.G. I agree with Norbert. Somebody check my pulse! I knew this would happen someday.this sport has a life of its own.It will grow at its pace and direction.not at the request(demand) of the kings of EGO.
.......just another day, another "difference of opinions", right fella's?
It's all in good fun...a couple of stooges...I slap him on his bald spot...he pokes me in the eye....No biggie
Hey Moe, Hey Larry

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