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You make money doing this?
That's what I used to hear when I sat at a drawing table everyday 'drawing pictures.'
Oh man all you do is draw, how hard can that be?
Now it's disc golf too?!
How dare you do something fun in your life.
And make money?!
Know people that get paid installing, designing courses too.
Oh my god. Think of it, Disc Golf as a business, who'd a thought.

It's all about growth.
Real growth comes from efforts that are rewarded.
No one is getting rich, no one is robbing from the poor and giving it to themselves.
We are not investment bankers (that's another story).

This sport is growing, ask The big boys Innova, Discraft, Gateway, Lightning, .......
The suppliers.......

The only way that this 'sport' we call it that, believe it is more of a passion, is going to grow is by supporting those that are growing it.

There aren't any big philanthropists like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet types caring about disc golf.

Any thoughts? Please no delusional fantasies... Disc Golf is not all everything of how great it can be type discussions, you know what I mean?

Try to keep the disc'ussion on planet earth, not some fantasy land.

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Strong believe that 'private' is the future.
What is the point of this thread? At this time, most pay to play courses fail. Why would anyone pay to play when free is probably closer to home. Pay to play requires management, and that costs money. I quit playing ball golf because of expense and restrictions. There are even more drunks on private golf courses than public parks, because alcohol is allowed and promoted on private ball golf courses. Golf courses sell beer to the golfers, usually from a cart with a hot Babe in it. Since most golf courses are private, they promote drinking on the course. IF PRIVATE DISC GOLF COURSES WANT TO SUCCEED, PROMOTE ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION. Like successful private ball golf courses.
Wake Up from the slumber! Disc Golf is going mainstream, like it or not!
Here are a few reasons why:
Morley Field (California)
Marshall Street (Mass)
Maple Hill (Mass)
The Lodge (Oklahoma)
Dragan Courses (Maine)
Stoney Hill (South Carolina)
Sandy Point Resort & Disc Golf Ranch (Wisconsin)
Fly 18 Courses (there are currently 6)
There is another being run by Steve Rico (California)
Splat Hill (California)
Wisp Ski Resort (Maryland)
The Grange (Virginia)
Sipapu Ski Resort (New Mexico)
SnowMass Ski Resort (Colorado)
Grand Targhee Resort (Wyoming)
Boyne Highlands Resort (Michigan)
Carson Anderson Park (California)
Park96 (Calgary, Canada)
Homestead (Alberta, Canada)
THERE"S MORE...........

These courses are successful. Why? Because of the people managing them.
They make it their 'work.' And also have other options, and good exposure for disc golf.

As far as is known, alcohol is allowed....

By the way "ball golf use is drastically down now."
Most courses are losing money regardless of a pro shop and restaurant.
At a local one nearby, the restaurant does better than the course.
Stop comparing "Ball to Disc Golf" there really is only similarities. They are not equal by any means.
And there are many messed up individuals on disc golf courses too.
While there may a little validity to this thread...as it pertains to the growth of the sport...In my "expert" opinion "on this and many subjects that are of no and little importance to anyone" It seems to me the underlying theme is just another rant by another Disc Golf related Business Entity...Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Bottom line is no matter who you get your disc golf wares from...you are in a sense supporting some local effort...although it may not be yours. Disc Golf is not mainstream whereas it appears in all major large scale retailers...nor is there a nationwide chain of B&M Disc Golf retailers...sucking all the profits from the DG Mom & Pops.
There are too many experts in the field of experts.
This was started from the Who's Nuts Blog, in a different form other than a testicle reference.
There are pay for play courses and what an option on a ski resort in the summer.
Why not disc golf there?
And on the nuts theme....
I know exactly where it started from...now get back in the bucket...crabby joe!!! lmao!!

Now to say that not promoting your local Disc or Disc stuff guy is stagnating the growth of the sport..is complete BS in my opinion. So an "online" retailer has figured out that to make money in this field of dreams...is by shear volume and discount prices. What I say is take notes and adapt...after all it is America and capitalism is a growth industry.

As far as private courses go...sure I believe they will work...if their built to impeccable standards and managed properly...even in a market with free courses readily available. But remember Disc Golf's growth has a lot to do with being inexpensive...that appeal has grown the sport. Fees to play on these private courses should be nominal...what I believe will attract players is a a high quality private course that does offer hospitality options.
The unbelievable thing about this sport is that it is going in all different directions at once.
Its cheap to play, install---A lot less than a softball field.
It's sometimes easy and difficult to sell to a parks department. or city or whoever.
What's growing this sport is more people participating.
Look at the growth of DGRUS alone.

No one has the crystal ball, we live in a FREE marketplace, where price and sales can be determined by the seller.
Look on ebay for example.
If your local distributer is a goof and can't supply than you go online. Hey FREE shipping works for some.
What the nuts is about is underselling a product. Low profits, create bad business practice.
And no one is dumping any big money into the sport right now.

Why not disc golf on the slope? Swish-ching! It can only lead to positive exposure.
The 'private courses' aren't doing bad either.
Too many redundant threads going on here.
This coming from a DGRUS God.
Mr. Cheezy Puff Point KIng.
I am not worthy.
Currently at 8834 and growing. When does one become a "God!"
Here's the problem. Most disc golfers got into it precisely because it was cheap. Most courses are free to play. You can snag 3 baseline plastic discs for 25 bucks and theoretically be perfectly fine for the entirety of your dg career. If we suddenly make it expensive, we do lose alot of the undesireable element, granted, but we also probably lose alot of people who'd get into it cuz there wasn't much cash loss involved. There are a large number of DGers out there who would *NEVER* pay to play dg. My home course is Sylmar which is run by Gary Sandoval and the Rico family. It's 2 bucks a day but I know a number of people at other local courses who won't come to Sylmar cuz it costs money, nevermind that it's the best maintained course in the area and the only one with a Pro Shop.
Who do you appeal to?
The player that wants to improve, be challenged and get better to pay the $2 (ouch!).
Are there more at the Sylmar course participating? Do schools get involved?
Or the player, recreation or not who never pays for anything. Maybe even found the disc in the pond with some else's name on it.
Don't want to make it expensive, by no means. Isn't the pay for play a better experience, not only for yourself, but for a 'family experience?'
And don't they organize league play at the pay for play, along with yearly or quarterly membership?
Does membership have its privi's?
And the Ricos are very nice and established pros, that many can learn from.
What's going to happen to the public course, budget cuts, no grass cut all the time, vandalism?
I would hope not, but it does.
Yeah the sport should remain inexpensive for the rec golfer...technically we are all rec golfers. But there's is no reason the direction of this sport couldn't go into 2 distinct directions. One remaining user friendly with lower costs for AM and Rec Players...and another...defining the Professional level. I'll likely score some more cheesy puff points on another thread delving into some thoughts on this...got to live up to DPS's expectations and observations. ; )

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