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I've heard that it is acceptabe for Am division players to accept cash payouts at sanctioned and non-sanctioned events up to a certain dollar amount and maintain ther Am status. If true, is this per tourney, or is the dollar amount cumulative?

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Insurance, promotion, player demand & known expectations, rules, ratings, points, event history online, supporting the sport's governing body, structured TD compensation option.

These all seem like good reasons. Insurance? What is meant by insurance?

TD/Club is automatically covered by insurance when you sanction. In addition, many Park Dept and course owners require that they be included in the insurance coverage. The insurance company charges the TD $50 extra to include the Park Dept or course owner in the policy.

I am a new TD and as such probably not very PC on the issue. But at my tournament i give out Visa gift cards to the am division. We do so for a couple of reasons, the course has a very high vendor fee ($175 per day) and i believe the "if you want money be a pro" arguement is an outdated argument with the way the economy has gone. I dont know a single guy that plays poker, fantasty football, golf, disc golf, or any other thing guys do where there isnt a little money involved. If you are going to travel to a tournament for a weekend as an Am, it will cost you a few hundred dollors. Why is it that you cant recoupe atleast a bit of that if you win? Where is there the incentive for Ams to travel when there is no way to get atleast a little money back? The gap between the top level Golfers and the Mid level pros has gotten to the point that you cant go into the pros and stand a chance to get some money if your a 30+ am. This has led to a large number of "Baggers" playing in divisions below where they belong. anyone argueing this please go to the PDGA website and look at the description of an Int Am. Then look around at the next tourney you go to and tell me what a joke that is. Adv Ams should be able to get some sort of compensation for the money they spend that is more than the odd ball discs they win and will never end up throwing. I'd like to hear some others opinions about making the Int and Rec divisions trophy and disc divisions and letting the Adv Ams get some better compensation...

Try putting on a tournament, i lost $1500 the 1st one i put on. and for the most part its a lot of work for a few hours of thanks.

Paying cash prizes to Ams is one way to lose more on running a tournament.

Should check out the PDGA website.  www.pdga.com 

Was someone complaining about cash payouts ?


This equates to regular golf tho.  Generally the only time you see ams travel for golf is the one planned golf vaction every year or often not even that many.  I think in DG we are somewhat spoiled to expect that much in terms of payout and even to an extent players packs when the sport is still so small time and let's face it,  broke.   The whole notion of amateur participants getting paid/prizes to play a sport is just strange and you really only see it in our sport.

Then where does my $65 entrance fee go. What does it equate to, the chance to play a local course two days in a row that I would normally play for free and have somebody record my scores. No thanks.

Your $65 dollars goes to players pack and payout and some to the TD. If you want to play for cash you better get out and start  practicing and play in open. Disc golf is the only sport that ams get anything. The other option would be to run non sanctioned tournaments and pay out in cash. Like Star Shark said disc golf is broke and if your in it for the money you better find something else to do

It's a chicken/egg situation.  If there weren't Am payouts, entry fees would be a fraction of what they are.  They're inflated to cover the payouts, then we have to have payouts to justify the higher entries.

I use gift certificates from Marshall Street for my am payouts. I email them the amount the player won, they email a gift cert to the winner.

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