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I've heard that it is acceptabe for Am division players to accept cash payouts at sanctioned and non-sanctioned events up to a certain dollar amount and maintain ther Am status. If true, is this per tourney, or is the dollar amount cumulative?

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In Florida it is a second degree misdemeanor to stake money or anything of value "upon the result of any trial or contest of skill, speed or power or endurance of human or beast."  Fla. Stat. § 849.14.  Because of this statute the bowling industry has obtained a tournament exception for what they do, which is basically the same thing as what we do at our tournaments.  Fla. Stat. § 849.141.  There is no similar exception for disc golf. 

Fine print: I'm not licensed to practice law in Florida or offer legal advice in Florida.  Consult a Florida licensed attorney regarding the legality of your conduct in Florida. 


There are two priorities here:

1) what is fair

2) what will best grow the sport?

I think the second is a little more important to most TD's, but whatever. I think that if any money from am entry fees ends up increasing the pro's winnings, the ams should all get a chance to play there first round with at least one pro in there group. However, if I was a pro, I wouldn't want to play with anyone but the highest competitors. Every tournament is different and serves more than one purpose. As the sport grows things will change and hopefully improve with those changes.

Why do Ams have to worry about the payout? Aren't they there for the entertainment, camaraderie and overall experience?

Also, there is a big difference between "growing the sport of Disc Golf" and "growing purses in Disc Golf"...do we simply want to turn on new players to Disc Golf or are we trying to figure out ways to make a living at it?

For entertainment, camaraderie, and the experience I play with my buddies. If I need organized play and competition, I can play the weeklies and monthlys. When I play a Tier'd tourney, I want something a little more. I doesn't have to be money, so don't get too hung up on that. Read the OP again, it wasn't supposed to be such a polorizing question.


Maybe time to close this thread.

like a pro regular ball golf tourney  i prefer to walk around and watch the boys play,  even the girls they're pros and they look and play a lot different than i would ...... i like to play folks at my own level, if i have a good day i can be 1-2- or 3 out of 10 and cash (that is if i'm allowed ) ..... that's great for me playing my peers and winning something other than plastic.  Pros don't play for plastic,  why should the ams in a friendly?  I wouldn't expect that in sanctioned event unless the rules would be changed to allow winnings up to say $3000 yearly.

What I have experienced lately is the AM's want to play for Money and the Pro's want MORE money.


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