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Greetings to everyone,


     I had signed up to compete in the Barnett Park Disc Golf Championship 2011.  I have played this course in the past (to be honest, it was the first course I played in Florida).  But when I reached hole 18 on the North Course, I always skipped it.  Why, I was and still am afraid of losing my disk to the water.  If you do not know what I am talking about, go to their web site and look up the hole.  The basket is on a small island.  But since I signed up for this tourny, I'll have no choice but to play it.

     I am not really familiar with the rules of the PDGA, so I am asking DiscGolfersR.US for answer.  If I skip the hole as I have in the past, how many strokes will be added to my score?  If I get over my fear and throw, and it lands in the water, How many strokes will be added to my score and where will I have to throw for a second shot?  Also, someone told me a secret for my situation.  He told me that when it is my turn to throw, just toss my disk a couple of feet from the tee pad, get a penalty, and I'll be able to throw off the shorter pad.  So instead of throwing from the "A" pad with just one, I'll be throwing off the "B" pad with three.  Is this true?

     I had just registered with the PDGA this year, and this will be my first official tourny.  I played in two last year.  I won one under Rec and majorly lost one in the Orlando Open.  I do not want to look like a fool and I want to play within the rules.  This hole has been my NIGHTMARE for a long time so any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.



PDGA #46496


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Just look at the pic. I say either grab a floater disc or a cheap dx or pro d disc. I don't see laying up being any real help there. Plus trying to throw to the right and hugging the shore line may be just as much risk as going for it. I say take the hyzer line and go for it, put a little extra juice on it so you atleast get to the island.

Go for it Vic!  it's about mind over matter......if you don't mind, it won't matter. That island is huge buddy. Tell yourself..."I got this"


The Menace is correct...there will likely be a spotter and/or squid....so don't sweat that. 


The course rules for that hole...you must first land safe on the island to proceed from the island...so yes, you could dump one off the edge of the pad and proceed to the shorter drop zone with a stroke penalty.  Unless you're playing pro or advanced you will already be throwing from the shorter pad. I believe the drop zone for that shorter pad is on the sidewalk not too far from the pad anyways.



...so whatcha do?   ....you go for it!!!  You can do it!!


Peace out



Yes, you are too scared. How are you going to get any better if you keep running and hiding every time you come to a tough hole? Man up and throw. If you are worried about losing a disc then go buy some that float.
Agreed , all you are doing is hurting your game by not attempting the shot. How do you know you can't do it if you have never tried ? Just get up there look past the water and find a nice spot where you want the disc to land and have at it. Your gonna clear it and then your gonna be upset at yourself for being a %&$$y all of those other times.


I just was checking out the pictures you posted and I have a question:

You will hoist your wife over your head, challenge the “Tail of the Dragon” (not sure what it is but it sounds cool) on your Harley, and you will wear that wolf vest in public. Yet, you claim to be scarred to throw a disc over water.  Do your biker friends know about your phobia? ;-)



     Tail of the Dragon is an eleven mile ride through the mountains of North Carolina that has 316 curves.  If you mess up on one side, you'll crash into the mountain.  If you mess up on the other side, you'll crash all the way off the mountain.  The Tail of the Dragon boosts itself as a very dangerous ride.  Yes wearing a Confederate flag vest in public is risky.  And No, my biker friends do not know about my phobia.  Thank you for being so blunt in your reply.  That type of Honesty is hard to come by now a days. 

I decided to stop playing around in the Rec and Intermediate Divisions.  I signed myself up for the Advance Masters.  I know that I can be a good player, I have played good in the past.  So I have decided to set the BAR high for myself, and work my ass off to get there. 

So there is a rule about dropping a disc, taking a penality, and throw off the shorter pad.  But more then likely I'll grow a pair, and "Tee of High, Let it Fly" so to speak.

I would like to personally thank everyone for replying to my discussion. I am really starting to love this web page. I will take everyone's advise into advisement. I will make time to head out to Barnett Park prior to the event and practice that particular hole. I am sure that I'll be wet in the beginning, but I will be "Victorious" over this phobia.

"Tee off High, Let it Fly"

When you stare down adversity and win it's all worth it.

It is only one hole, that everyone else is playing also. 

They too have to deal with it.

Get some Wahoos and go for it!

You will not regret getting that great shot under your belt.

Think of the satisfaction.

At Tuscawilla Park Hole #7 has claimed many with it's water pros & ams alike, but you still must get through it. 
It is the reward that keeps you at it.

Stay positive. 

To this day, I hate to throw over water. I can land near it,next to it, etc.- no biggie. But when I have to throw over a large body of water, it makes me shudder.

I made it over this one: http://discgolfer.ning.com/video/15-stoney-hill-newberry-sc


Not this one %^(:


This is the hole.  From the Long Tee it is 315, which I agree could be scary, but from the short tee it is 230.  Definitly a makeable shot!  Go For IT!
My father once told me that real men are never scared, only pessimistic about the results. Just think that pond is only half full and you will park it!

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