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I'd like to interject a bit of humor into the discussion boards for all to contribute to. The P.D.G.A. has strict guidlines on what they consider to be an approved disc. However, true to the creative nature of the sport, there have been discs that have not made the grade.
The Wheel and the Turbo come to mind as the latest stiffling of creativity banned from P.D.G.A. legitimacy. I have a Wheel, and often use it in a round that is desperately in need of some interjection of humor. The Wheel provides such a cheap solution. Once you get passed the basic discs that have not made the grade, we get to the true nature of this addiction to our sport. Example: This evening, I test flew two different pieces of bread across the room to my wife. In my experiment, I discovered that White Bread is understable! WHO KNEW! I confess that it is not a disc for speed throwers, who may be slightly drawn to use Wheat Bread as a solution, but I assure you it is no more stable than a Valkyrie, and in a stiff head wind provided by standard AC duct work, it will turn over. My conclusion is that you must use Cinnamon Raisin Bread. I found that it works like a Monster and is great for spike hyzers.
My son will attest to the solid performance of Fisher Price Diner Set Plates. The saucers make good minis, the platers are great skippers, and the D you get from the Hamburger Pattie is phenomenal! What about standard Dinnette sets? Well, Wal-Mart has a great plastic set that is durable, and you get great flex action in a tail wind! You like the new Monarchs you say? Thick Cut Cotto Salami! Don't believe me? Put it to the test! Trash Can Lids are great Float Putters, but lack accuracy in the presence of a head wind. Hub Caps are no better than an old JLS in the best of shape, and the dings prevent stability if thrown as a forehand roller.
The sky is the limit here, and I'm curious on reports of bird bath throws in Canada are ready to challenge Feldberg. I just don't know if I can handle the speed rating. Anybody with a report on this one? More food experiments? Although in this economy, food discs are more expensive than Special Blend Rocs! Mark my words, Quaker Oats Rice Cakes will replace the Dragon and the Hydra! PLEASE! Let's share our reports! Who knows, one day you may throw your last disc into a pond during a tournament. And if you have to withdrawl due to lack of ammo, you'll walk away wondering if the leftover ritz crackers and Peanut Butter Sandwich from League last week would have allowed you to finish out! With a complete and accurate log, we can all know! Please only put down true testings. I'd hate to think I annoyed my wife with these often messy experiments and I was the only one. LOL!

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Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with food? You must work at a supplement store huh? "I don't need salami just get me a protein shake..."

Nice post mr blue cherry margarita, dont forget to toss a tortilla they throw just like epics.
I used to play indoor disc golf in my house growing up using old peanut can lids. I found out the other day that pancakes are actually more overstable than they look. CD's make for a better thumber than any disc golf disc I've ever seen! Hot pads are fun because they're soft...you should be able to get the S-curve down with one of those for exceptional D through the kitchen with pinpoint accuracy!
well I can say that I have tossed these items

5 Gal Paint lid---Overstable+++
1 Gal Paint lid---Stable to Understable
CD's do make good overhand disc.
Coffee can lids are REALLY Understable
Plastic garbage can lids do not fly as good as metal ones.....A frozen bagel will knock your mini basket over.......Lazy Susan dosen't fly right due to the two levels and weight issues....more later
My Washburn University ball cap is stable, flies nice and straight!
LPs are lots of fun to throw tomahawk shots, just don't count on doing it more than once with the same LP.
The other day we found a political sign and we decided we would see how it flew. I threw it backhand and it turned upside down and over again like I threw a tomahawk. I put a little hyzer on it and it turned even faster... LOL It was pretty fun!
I don't know how I didn't think of this earlier......but SKOAL cans and Lids....these fly great indoors the lid by itself really flies better than the whole can together but both work......can all together flies like a hockey puck....no lift or glide......However the Lid now your talkin' a little understable but when thrown with a little touch you can make a nice hyzer.
hey now,Beer coasters-flippy,great rollers.Frozen burger patties-one time throw/putt useage only.Dirt/sand add extra weight,grease residue left on fingers/basket.
I have thrown a slice of frozen Little Ceasars pizza near 100' and up onto a roof, it was wicked overstable.
I work at a bar and sometimes after close I throw server trays around, the small ones are overstable, the big ones can be a little flippy. Just make sure you aren't within range of the liquor bottles, we had a close call one night.
9 inch non stick frying pan without the handle. I threw one 240 feet once !!!! :)

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