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New course in Eufaula, Oklahoma.


Hi all,

Just wanted to let everyone know there is a new course in Eufaula, Oklahoma.

It is located in Broadway Park, south side of Broadway Street, about 2 blocks east of the RR tracks.

It is a 9 hole course, DGA Mach V baskets, with tee signs and dirt tees. It is a relatively short course and is not real technical, but it is the only course in the vicinity.

Here is a LINK

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Next new course is Rotary park, Perry, OK

here is a link with pics and info enjoy


thats 57 total courses now how many have you bagged in oklahoma?

im at 33/57 if this were a test id be failing how sad oh well 5 courses in vegas here i come!!!!!
heres another one found this article today its in pawnee another 9 holer

Okay folks it IS that time. The new course in Owasso will be going in this weekend. They will be drilling the basket holes on Friday and the tee sign holes on Saturday. This will not be what you are used to. All of the pin placements are already conreted in 5 Gal buckets. As the city crew drills the hole, all we have to do is place the sleeve in the ground and tamp the dirt. How easy is that? No quick crete mixing on site.
I could use some help from any one that can come out. I'll need a couple of shovels and a wheel barrow. They will be drilling 28 new holes and we have to dig up 10 of the current pin placements to move them to a new hole, then just take dirt from the new holes to fill up the old ones. I will have a trailer so that we can drive to each basket location and make it easier. It would be great if I could get about 4-5 guys out there on Friday. We will need 2 guys dropping the sleeves in the ground and a couple of guys assembling the baskets, there are only 9 baskets to install and we will need to put the number plates on all 18 of them. If so, we may have the course ready for play by that afternoon or no later than Sat or Sunday monring.

If you can help, please give me a call and let me know so that I can make sure everything is covered. I will provide luch and drinks for all those that can help.
Dave Wise 232-8562. I wil be at the course by 8:30 Firday morning.

This should be one of the quickest installs we have ever done. We will put in all 18 baskets, some will only have one placement but the others will have two or three placements for viariety.
The course is in!!!!!!!

All 18 holes, with alternate placements have been installed. We will do tee signs next week. If you go out and try the course, which I suggest. Tee pads are marked with orange stakes and there are markers with the hole numbers on them. White stakes are the alternate placements. If you go out take all the fulids you will need. You don't come back to the parking lot until you are done. If you are a smoker, PLEASE take your butts out with you. Also this park is a no Booze park of any kind and is stricly enforced.

I would like to give aout a huge thanks to Dave Penninkamp, if you don't like a righty line, then talk to Dave. Also big thanks to the treats, Sam Neilsen, Chris Hutchinson, Scott Schumacher, Dough Duff and a friend of his and Gary Nail, who got 8 stitches on the job out there.

This is a beautifull course and well maintined. Very cart friendly and stroller friendly. If you want to bring the family along, do so. They can see every shot from a cart path any where on the course.

Thanks again to all those that helped. Well, I guess its back out to the course to do some limb trimming.

The course is located on 86th St North between 145th E Ave and 161st E Ave. on the north side of the road. Don't go too fast or you will miss the entrance. There is a practice basket at the end of the parking lot and Hole 1 begins on the other side of the pavillion.
We played last night and Wilkes set the new course record, in the current layout at
10 under, a solid score. We got all of the distances shot in and I will put out temp tee signs sometime today. If the course were all in the short positions the distance is 4930, in the longs it is 6494 to 6637. There are two holes with three placements. No one lost any discs last night.

For a comparison, McClure is 5773 and the alt course is 6040. Dovillio is 6830.
Centenial is 4930 to 6637.

We will be installing the tee sign poles this Friday.
Awesome sounds like a good time i updated the info you have so far on the other site here


just need to play it after the tee signs go in so i can get exact distances on the pins
Here ya go notrpmp

1 299 391 (see B)
2 325 410 (see B)
3 330 399 (see B)
4 267 372 (see B)
5 260 (see A) (see A)
6 252 345 (see B)
7 254 362 (see B)
8 256 342 (see B)
9 267 345 (see B)

2510 3226 (see B)

10 264 348 (see B)
11 300 408 (see B)
12 280 (see A) (see A)
13 282 417 (see B)
14 237 360 (see B)
15 318 390 435
16 279 378 (see B)
17 240 337 (see B)
18 220 318 420

2420 3236 (see B)

4930 6462 6609

I should have taken pictures from the new teepads...next time I am there I will try and remember to do that...
awesome thanks itll be updated asap. the pictures are easy to upload if you are a member if not ill post them up if you want to email them to me azabsky@gmail.com thanks! oh also do you know the holes where water is in play, it has an option for that just wanted to get all the info in at aonce.
Hopefully you get to play it soon.
I just went to DGcoursereview page for Centennial and it is already updated. Nice job...one heads up...the 'C' pin position for hole 15 is not showing up...it is 435'…the longest pin location at Centennial.

As far as water in play (and 2putt please correct me if I am in error) see below...btw, I think the creek that comes into play at Centennial is called Elm Creek...is that correct 2putt?

There are three permanent ponds and the creek in play at Centennial. The fourth permanent pond at Centennial is the pond at the parking lot and only comes into play on hole 19 when driving across it to the practice basket…have 2putt show you this tee location.

1 Creek on left side of fairway...the creek is more in play when the pin is in the longs, a dead straight drive to the long pin location has to clear nearly 340' to get to the green in the longs...the creek MIGHT come into play in the shorts if you screw up your drive, I would say no water is in play here for the more advanced players when the pin is in the shorts...

2 Nada...

3 Creek behind the long pin...around 20 feet behind the long pin...the creek MIGHT come into play in the shorts if someone over drives (way over!) their tee shot...

4 A permanent pond is in play at both pin positions, comes into play more at the short pin location (to the left of both pins locations about 30 feet off the waters edge...not in play if you worm burn your drive)...the long pin location is past the pond (about 20 feet past) and this permanent pond could come into play if you drive short your RHBH hyzer drive to the long pin location…

5 A permanent pond MIGHT come into play if you screw up your drive (the pond is on left side of the entire fairway, but it is from 150 feet to the left of the tee and then skinnies down to about 80 feet to the left of the pin)...I would say no water is in play here for the more advanced players...

6 The permanent pond that comes into play on holes 4 and 5 is now in the fairway for this hole...only a finger of the pond is in play in the shorts...and in the longs you have to drive about half the length of the pond to reach the pin...

7 Nada...

8 Nada...

9 You have to drive over the creek to reach both pin locations...but, the creek is only about 50' in front of the tee...creek is on the right side of the fairway and MIGHT come into play more for the long position if you screw up your drive...again, I would say no water is in play here for the more advanced players...

10 Creek comes into play at both pin locations...the creek is on the right side of the entire fairway...this hole might be one of the toughest holes in tourney play if the path and over is OB...

11 Nada...

12 Nada...

13 The water that MIGHT come into play in the shorts is a detention area along the entire right side of the fairway (the tee and the pin for this hole are on top of the berm for the detention area)...most likely this area will be casual water in tourney play...2putt will need to chime in on this one (as well as the others holes I described above where I noted 'MIGHT')...in the longs, your drive will have to carry the detention area (a little over 300 feet) to a pin location that has a permanent pond that comes into play at the long pin location...the permanent pond is around 30-40 feet behind and to the left of the long pin location...

14 Nada...

15 The creek will come into play at all pin locations (A. B and C)...the creek is on the left side of the fairway for the A and B locations...then the creek bends behind the B pin location and is now behind and to the left of the B pin location...in the C pin location the creek is behind the pin about 40-50 feet...

16 The creek is on the left side of the fairway and your drive will have to carry around 180-190 feet to clear the creek that bends in front of the tee...the creek comes into play more when the pin is in the shorts, the creek is about 30 feet to the left of the short pin location...in the longs the drive is essentially the same but now the pin location is on top of the berm for the permanent pond that come into play on hole 13, the pond is about 30-40 feet to the right of the long pin location...

17 Yet another permanent pond comes into play at both pin locations. This pond is about 30-40 feet to the left of the short pin location and in the longs this pond is about 20-30 feet behind and to the left of the long pin location…

18 The creek comes into play when the pin is in the shorts (A). The creek is along the entire left side of the fairway and is also behind the short pin location about 20 feet. The creek for this short pin location is more of a hazard for a lefty hyzer drive IMO. The permanent pond that comes into play on hole 17 comes into play when the pin is in the mid location (B). Your drive will have to carry the pond around 270 feet to the mid pin location that is on top of a mound. The pond is to the right and in front of this mid pin location about 40-50 feet. In the longs (C), your drive will have to carry the entire length of the pond (about 300 feet), there is also a spillway for this pond that flows along the right side of this long pin location and could come into play, I think half of this spillway/creek is always full of water and could come into play if your drive (or approach if you choose to bail to the mid pin location on your drive) is long and to the right of this long pin location…

Whew…it is amazing what coffee can do for ya…hahaha…I have only mentioned casual water once above in these descriptions...if it has rained for a prolonged period of time, then nearly all of the fairways will have large puddles to contend with...holes 14 and 15 (and 18 in the shorts) will probably be the worst in this scenario due to small dry creeks/depressions that will fill up with water...

I hope these descriptions help, I would like 2putt to chime in with his opinions before you update the course profile at DGcoursereview…he ‘trolls’ through here daily…
I'd say you're right on spot George. The best way is for Norm to come play it. I can't wait till we can have several players out and it is all in the longs and then the shorts so we can see the scoring variations.
Put in some tone poles for the pin locations not being used...C'MON, only another 54 feet of pipe (you are going to have to have 54 feet for the shorty 3 foot poles you are considering)...and then, all levels of players can play either pin location at every hole...just do it! :)


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