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Post 'em. Here's a start.

People talking on the phone while playing (the whole round).

People who cry when they don't get the right partner during doubles.

People who show up late for league.

Crooked baskets.

People who smash bottles at the course.

People who break down trees at the course.

Idiots in general.

People who think that the disc golf course is a great place to walk their kids or take photos.

I'm sure there are many more. Let's hear them.

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That group of 20 high school kids who all want to play as one group.

People who don't return discs.

People who walk onto the course , Specifically looking to steal Disc's. 

People who bring their Dogs onto the course and Do not pick up after them.

My biggest beef is breaking of trees, foliage (course destruction).

"They will still get a bogey, after breaking that branch!"

2nd is garbage,

And the pain, is not returning discs (with a name and phone number on it).

Or even better, expecting payment for that lost disc (ransom)!!!!!!

I don't like losing my mini marker disc. I did it tonight after throwing into some really muddy territory. I got my disc back from the muddy lake (new puddle formed after a flood event) but left the mini behind. I had to get home to clean an abrasion on the right  foot so I couldn't stay behind and look and it was getting dark. This was on the very last hole. Will check again in the morning.

This one was self-inflicted at the end of a decent round. Shot even.

Actually leaving any disc behind gets my goat. Only the second time this year however. Should be the last.

when my kim is watching those stupid housewifes of miami/orange county shows...HATE!,,NOT DISC GOLF RELATED,,BUT A REAL ANNOYANCE

Found the mini marker this morning. I really couldn't sleep last night so I got up early and made it up to the course at about 7:20. Funny thing was that there was already a group of four guys up there playing a round. They were on hole #3 which is right next to where I lost my mini disc. It took me a while but I did find it right in a bush where I left it last night. So then I decided to help those guys find a disc and I walked over and immediately found a guy's yellow disc standing up on it's side in the area we call "the swamp". They found about four other discs in that area so I hope that they made a few phone calls. One disc had the name "Margaret Thatcher" on it.

Sometimes you get lucky. I kind of knew it was still there since it got dark last night right after I lost it and there were only a few people out on the course.

People who just decide to start playing anywhere they want on the course. You are going along fine and then all of a sudden there is a group at the next tee. Often we will just tell them that they have to wait.

Margaret Thatcher?

Was it a roc? Mine.

Here is one.  I was playing in a Doubles group and on the last hole of the round , someone in the group , picked up my Disc. No one said they picked it up , even though I saw it land in the open grass. I described the disc to everyone , who all watched me throw it the entire round. It was a White , 168 gram Star Wraith with a Blue Metalic Hotstamp and my name in Big Letters on the Top and the Bottom of the disc. I did Win the doubles round playing with that disc as my main driver. I have the feeling , someone did not want me to throw that disc against them ever again, since I took their money Throwing it well.

It really should not matter what disc you throw during a round, either playing Doubles or Singles. A Player you know , should not keep your Disc and never return it to you or even turn it in !!! I think that it pretty weak !

Donny, it happened to me. I got to hole #4 last evening (we started on hole #10). I chucked my King on a huge anny bomb and it was high and hard and came down right next to a set of stairs where I would have a clear look at the basket. I saw what I thought were two young ladies in front of our group and I wasn't sure where they came from. Anyway, by the time I reached the area where my disc should have been it was gone. Instead there was some crappy Avenger SS sitting there and it had a name and number but the phone number didn't work.

So I had to take a penalty stroke and retee. Threw it into the sticks and got an 8 on the hole. And all of that because someone jacked my $hit. Man I was pissed. Unbelievable that someone would do that. Just lame. I hope that I find them one day.

I hate to admit this but nobody stole my disc. It turned out to be an actual lost disc and someone found it in a tree on that very hole. My friend called me and told me that a guy had turned it in (one week after I lost it). So I got the disc back and when I saw the guy I walked up to him and handed him five bucks.

I was going off of the fact that the guys in my group had said that they saw it over by the stairs even though I didn't see it hit the ground. I did look up in the trees but simply missed it. But in the end score one for the good guys.

Cigarette butts all over the place.

People who mark an ace on the basket instead of on their disc.

Regular players who show up for league but are nowhere to be found when we have a work day.

Just the other day I was talking with a regular league player when he threw his cigarette butt on the ground right in front of me. I was like, "Really?". He didn't seem to care so I told him that we would be picking up after him on Saturday. Didn't seem to phase him.

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