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Let me preface this thread by saying that in general I don't get easily annoyed. I am 52 years old and have been discing on a regular basis for the past 17 years. I have played tournaments both as an advanced amateur and as a pro. In other words, you might call me somewhat of a seasoned veteran. I have never taken money or prizes in tournament play but I have had some decent rounds and I do win from time to time in the local doubles leagues. I have not played tournaments in the past few years but if I did I would be competing in the Grand Masters category.


That being said, here are two particular things that do annoy me and I wish that people would not do.


1) Please don't show up for random draw doubles and then complain when you get a certain partner. It is random draw doubles. There is the possibility of having to play with anyone from the best player down to the absolute worst player. I am neither. That is the nature of the beast. About two weeks ago I got paired up with one guy who when he sees that we will be partners puts out a huge sigh of disgust. Let me just say that does not bode well with me because when I show up I will always put out my best effort and my goal is to come in first. But as soon as I see that my partner is going to whine and complain it makes it that much harder to just play disc golf. Now there is this other element of expectation that just gets in the way. I say that you expect nothing but that you earn everything. If you think that you will win or lose before you even throw a disc then there is something wrong. Show up, do your best and let that be that.


I did play about a month ago with a guy who had previously complained when paired up with me but didn't do so on that occasion. We played decent but it was windy and we missed a few putts. We still managed to take the win because the conditions were difficult for everyone and we just stayed focused. If you watch ball golf at all you will realize that the best strategy is that of not giving up. You always fight till the end. I was really proud of this guy because on this occasion he showed that he could fight for the win.


2) Please don't give unwanted advice, especially to another player who has been around. I went out to play a casual round a couple of days ago with another local player. I wasn't really on my game that day. It happens. You have your good days and you have your bad days. I was missing putts and this guy just went on and on about his thoughts that I needed to putt with a different disc. Now I have putted with that particular disc on hundreds of occasions and generally I will bash the chains with it. Also, my mistakes were something that I understood, like not throwing the putt hard enough or simply not following through. Those are mental errors. But he kept going on and on and it was really just an annoyance. The very next day I went out and played with a younger guy who has game and a go for it attitude (he is also a much better player than the guy I played with the day before). We enjoyed ourselves, there was none of the unwanted advice and I made a lot less mistakes. I still made a few errors but overall I could tell how much better I was playing. I may have even showed him a few things.


So to anyone that I might play with I say this. I enjoy disc golf. If it becomes an activity that is more like work I will probably quit playing. I have no dreams of becoming the next world champion. It is what it is. Now can we just go out and enjoy ourselves and go for a few ace runs? Let us go out and enjoy the sport of disc golf and give each other a few high fives along the way.

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52 ?  your just a youngster:)

Yeah, I obviously know nothing about disc golf.

well at least i didn't have to tell you that! Lol


It's hard for me to play with people who work themselves and get all bent out of shape when they don't meet their lofty performance expectations. Why is it necessary to slam your discs into your bag and proceed to kick it around while cursing? I'd rather play a bad round of disc golf than have a good day at work anytime, but that's just me. I also can't understand those who throw good shots, and instead of simply affirming it, they interpret my honest acknowledgement as some sort of prompt to describe why the shot is usually thrown better or what they did wrong.

I feel you on the doubles thing. Playing leagues is not about getting the perfect partner and breezing your way through to a double digit victory, it's about adapting to the situation and having fun with whatever happens.

On a random petty note, my buddy and I were just talking about how annoying it is when you're cruising through a round and your disc gets stuck in the basket when you pull it out...

lol oh yea and I hate looking for discs...

I get really annoyed when my dog decides it's time for me to wake up before I do...

I hear ya.. nothing busts the vibe like someone that rages... I just don't get it, to me, even if I'm throwing like crap it's still a much better day than just about anything else I could be doing.

Amen brother. I don't play doubles much because of what you just said. I'm not the best but I have placed a few times with both of us hitting shots other times you just play poorly. I'm sick of the attitudes you talked about. It makes me hate playing dubs when I used to enjoy it. Now I usually only play when the ace pot is big. Right now it's up to 1400 on the super ace pot do I'm sure I'll be out there next time around.

So this past Sunday I got paired up once again with the guy who always puts out a sigh of disgust when he gets me as a partner. He made it for a short while without going ballistic until he started to play poorly on purpose (or at least not try). I just kept playing my game although all of the negativity made the actual disc golf a bit less interesting. I made a putt towards the end when it no longer mattered. The whole round was pretty much a distraction and a lesson in how to tune out even your doubles partner. And he was missing just as many putts.

And then today a few of us played some casual doubles and I got paired up with a nice guy who also is a good player. No complaints and he and I were up towards the top, either tied with the lead or one behind. But today was back to enjoying disc golf again. And when I enjoy it, the game comes along so much better. Have a little faith that I know the game and I will hit some good shots.

Being 51 years of age, I am in the same situation as you.

When you consider all the hard work that I have done over the years to improve the sport, I just have to laugh at the goober that feels the same way your 'dubs' partner reacts.

I win some and lose some.

I can't throw 500 feet but, I make up for it in the short game.

My putting in doubles usually outshines that of those that can't hit the side of a barn.

Random draw is random draw. Not ran dumb draw.

Next time you get him, remind him that he is the one that you'd rather not have.

Put him in his place.

If he were that good than it should not matter who you are partnered with.

Step up or shut up.

Locally we have a short course and a longer course.

I compete on both, remind this dude of the zen of it all.

Make your pursuit to outplay him.

Words of wisdom. I didn't get paired up with him today but I did hear him telling a friend of mine that he was happy that he didn't get paired with me. So I yelled out that I was happy not to get him as a partner. Right back at ya!

When I got with my foursome I let them all know that I don't appreciate his attitude and lack of respect. I have probably been playing the game twice as long as this guy. I have also played plenty of tournaments, both as an advanced player and in the Open and Masters division. As you said, you win some and you lose some. But you always show up and do your best. It's a game. If you aren't having a good time then you probably shouldn't play the game.

I got paired up with a really nice guy today who is also a good player. I was feeling kind of crappy when I woke up this morning so I wasn't sure if I would play well. We never got on a roll as a team today but I never heard him say anything negative or try to tell me how to play. When we finished we both knew that we could have done better but we had a good time playing. And the other two guys in our group shot 14 down to win by four strokes so we had a chance to watch some great shots and give out some well deserved compliments.

I really don't care who I'm paired up with , as long as they can play disc golf.


This means , not being Drunk or so stoned , you don't really have a clue of what's going on at that specific time.


No constant talking on your Cell phone during the round.


Don't talk about your Family troubles , Work Issues , your Life Troubles during the round.

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