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I can throw a forehand shot and a long anny shot now. My question is which should I go with for the long run??? I am trying to learn all the shots I can as I have only been playing for 15 months. I know they are both useful at different times, and I will always be able to use either one.

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you just answered your own question... both are great shots.
It's great to have an anny when you need a high line to get around something right off the pad. These shots are tough for a forehand that you have to release so low. Eventually if you are good with annys you can start throwing rollers when the time is right. The downfall of the anny is that if you mess it up it's either going to stall out and hyzer on you, or it's going to turn into a cut roller away from your target.

That's the advantage of a sidearm, it's going to finish right (if you're right handed) and it will skip that way for you. It's not as tough to land it.

There are situations for both. Keep working on both. It's good that you're doing both so early in your disc golf experience.
yeah that is how I see it. I want to learn over-head shots now that I have the anny, forehand, hyzer, and hyzer flip going well for me. my first sanctioned tourney is this saturday in the inermeddiate divison.
I can throw just as good and as far backhand as I can forehand but there are still times I need an anny.....Keep em both!
So in other words....you want to bend it like Bob ;)~
Also keep in mind that an anny and a forehand are gonna give you vastly different types of landings. Forehand will come in handy when you need the skip.
I like to throw both but particularily the forehand because the length is better and I'm more consistant with it. Don't forget the turbo and staddle putts, very handy sometimes. I'm playing winter golf at Lemon Lake (2010 Pro Worlds!) and I like forehand more with bad footing, less chance for injury. Sounds like you are well on your way, Bob, good luck!
I don't think anyone mentioned that it depends a lot on the wind.

Forehands don't seem to work into a headwind all that well for me. With a tailwind they fly forever.

On the other hand, anny's seem to work a little better into a headwind.
Eventually you need to master every shot. Whatever you don't have will bite you in the butt.

Both forehands and anhyzers are difficult shots. Almost every player has or will develop a preference and greater competence with one over the other. The key is not to abandon either. You can't ignore either one then pull it out once in a while and expect it to work.

Ron Russell taught me to choose the biggest hole to shoot for, no matter whether that hole gives you a hyzer, anhyzer, straight, roller , overhead or whatever. If you start doing this now in practice rounds you won't shoot your best possible score immediately because some of those shots you are not yet good at. But long term you are becoming a much better player.

There are situations where a forehand is much more open than an anhyzer (and visa versa). Even though they bend the same way, sometimes one is clearly the cleaner opportunity. Wind matters in this equation. A strong headwind is very difficult to throw forehand into while it helps the anhyzer turn over. So look at each shot candidly and decide which is the most logical choice, based on what the shot gives you, not based on what you are best at at the moment.

Many players dabble with a forehand, using it only as a last resort. Then when the last resort comes up their forehand attempt fails (and forehands, released poorly can fail spectacularly) and they conclude that forehand shots suck. True, used that way they do. But if you commit to using the forehand when it is the most logical choice (and practicing it as well) it will give you easy answers to tough challenges. Anhyzers can fail too but they don't tend to fail as spectacularly, so players don't get burned by the results as much. If you are too afraid of failure then you can never become good.
I like that Ron Russel approach. I'm going to try that mind-set. Right now I throw a lefty back-hand (my off hand) over a forehand because I'm more consistent with it and I can get it out to 280'. This year I'm going to develop a forehand and hopefully more distance lefty. I'm pumping the iron a lot and eating my wheaties (actually 'heart healthy' cheerios)...AND spinach AND an apple a day. I'm going to emerge from my winter hobbit hole as Avery Jenkins! :-)

Last note...there are plenty of lines out there that I have to think some course designers thought they were creating a "lefty hole," but that are really righty anhyzer lines. Because of the abrubt initial bend, you NEED the anhyzer because if you threw a forehand hyzer at it, it'd continue to caroom off into the woods instead of flexing/straightening out. Learn em both, PRACTICE them both, especially if you play a lot of new courses. Wooded courses demand a lot more variety.
really hte only downside to an anny, if you over-rotate, you could get a roll-a-way. Still, you need to have both and you have to decide whihc shot calls for which throw.
I have gotten reall consistent with the anny shot now and am also consistent with the forehand shot now with drivers, mids, and even my magics. I think I will shift now to work on a good anny mid and switch more to overhead shots. I threw a few thumbers today with a DX Sidewinder and the did well, easier for me so far then a tomahawk. Like everyone has said, including myself, my goal is to be able to throw all shots consistently by March. I think I can learn overhead shots in two weeks. I am fortunate enough to be able to play a a few times a day and have some woods on my property. My first sanctioned tourney is tomorrow and we will see how that goes. Thanks everyone for the input.

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