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Last Saturday at our weekly mini, we had three casuals show up, we were already almost finished with hole 2 but they decided to jump ahead. No big deal, they were three and we were six so we weren't going to catch them, and the other group of six was behind us. We were also the only golfers in the park at 9am.
So we finished our round, and paid out, then started our bagtag round. When we got to hole four we noticed they were sitting on hole fourteen while we played three holes. Well, we got around to that hole and one of the three had used his Sharpie to write some less than flattering things about me personally.

I have to say it pissed me off and hurt a little because I've done alot for this course since moving here a few years ago. I run two minis a week. I've raised over five grand for additional baskets, pin placements and cement teeboxes. I work directly with the city as the liason for our cousrse. I have bought the club bagtags to generate revenue for the club. I give newbies discs and alot of free advise.

When we saw it, everybody had the same reaction that I did. The guys said don't worry about it, he doesn't know everything you do for us. You're the glue that holds this club together. Things that make you feel good that you have friends like that.

It is evident he doesn't know me very well because of what was wrote. But why target me? Because I'm the face of the club? Because I hold the club's finances personally? There was a reference to $20 which is what I sell the tags for, and although they're very nice, they aren't worth twenty bucks. Does he think I'm making money off the course? None of them have ever played our minis, so it has to be ignorance, right?

I've spoken with a couple neighbors of the park to ask them to help keep a watch for vandalism and graffiti. The also offered the same advise, don't worry about it, forget about it.

I've decided to address the club at the next mini and I'm still not sure what I'm going to say. I don't want this little asswipe to feel like he got a reaction and be more destructive but at the same time, I don't want this behavior in this park either.

Any ideas on how to address this issue?
Any ideas on what to say to the club?
Any advise is appreciated.

FYI, Weatherford Disc Golf Course, Weatherford, Tx
The graffiti has been removed.

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Yellow traffic paint.
With a lot of elbow grease, rags, and lacquer thinner it came off....
Show how "stupid people" can be.
Sorry Dave, Here is what I would do. I would take description of the vehicles, people, and pics of said damage to the property, and turn it over to the police or parks people for documentation. We did this once and it never happened again. Word got out, and these people knew that they are being watched to some extent. (spread the word that it has been reported) The parks department also beefed up patrols of the park and became very visable for a long time.
Keep up your great work for the sport and your club. We need people like you here in Pa. if you ever decide to move. Keep your chin up and shrug it off. Do not let this eat at you. You are better than that.
Disc Player Sports, Wow, this is OOC (Out Of Control) I really hope that you reported this incident.
The police said it was a felony.
Called back on the police, and they said "You have insurance don't you?"
Love our finest.
Yes and the guy that did it is still walking around.
He has his 'rope.'
He is a detriment to our locale.
You would not believe it if I told you. A Total Dumb Ass! To say the least.
If you really need to know, email an email address away from this site.
Ok, I really want to know! What spupid M.F. did this? Its my home state and I might have played with(him ,her, them) or will have to play with... I 'm sorry and livid. this needs to be stoped in its tracks,even by extreme measures!
"It's just disgusting. It's perverted. It's horrible," one parent said. "I have a 12-year-old boy who comes with me here fishing on the weekends. I will not allow him to use that bathroom."
Jamie - Is the person named in that news article you quoted the same person responsible for the felony paint job?
I just played one of Mark's Flint Town Flyerz courses on Memorial Day. Goldenrod is a very nice course and it was very clean. I even got some helpful advice/tips from what I believe were some club members. Thanks for running a good club. If I only had the time and didn't live an hour away, I'd join. I'll for sure play one of his tourneys before I die.

Rise above Dave and keep up the great work. True DGr's DO appreciate it.
Tonight is the first mini since this incident. I feel I need to address the club although at this point I'm unsure as to what I'm even going to say or should say. At first, I was going to step back and let someone else take the leadership role, but I don't think I will.
I think I'll just say that I considered stepping down and here is the reason. I've decided to stay and continue pushing to make this a better course as I envision a third set of basket locations and another set of teeboxes to push this to more of a championship layout.
I'm going to ask for some individuals to step up and take on some more responsibility. I'm going to ask everyone to take more ownership in their park. I'm going to ask them to stand with me against this behavior and address it when they see it.

I would like to thank everyone for the advise given to date and welcome more if you have it. I've grown a little thicker skin and will continue to do so. It's because of some of the advise given here that I've decided to march foward so again, I say thank you my friends.
whoop his ass!!!!
Who knows for sure. No video, No witnesses. It was obvious, when it happened who was responsible, However if no one seen it happen, L.E couldn't do anything about it.
You just keep doing what it is that you do. Like my grandma used to say, "Those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter." Smart lady...

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