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Last Saturday at our weekly mini, we had three casuals show up, we were already almost finished with hole 2 but they decided to jump ahead. No big deal, they were three and we were six so we weren't going to catch them, and the other group of six was behind us. We were also the only golfers in the park at 9am.
So we finished our round, and paid out, then started our bagtag round. When we got to hole four we noticed they were sitting on hole fourteen while we played three holes. Well, we got around to that hole and one of the three had used his Sharpie to write some less than flattering things about me personally.

I have to say it pissed me off and hurt a little because I've done alot for this course since moving here a few years ago. I run two minis a week. I've raised over five grand for additional baskets, pin placements and cement teeboxes. I work directly with the city as the liason for our cousrse. I have bought the club bagtags to generate revenue for the club. I give newbies discs and alot of free advise.

When we saw it, everybody had the same reaction that I did. The guys said don't worry about it, he doesn't know everything you do for us. You're the glue that holds this club together. Things that make you feel good that you have friends like that.

It is evident he doesn't know me very well because of what was wrote. But why target me? Because I'm the face of the club? Because I hold the club's finances personally? There was a reference to $20 which is what I sell the tags for, and although they're very nice, they aren't worth twenty bucks. Does he think I'm making money off the course? None of them have ever played our minis, so it has to be ignorance, right?

I've spoken with a couple neighbors of the park to ask them to help keep a watch for vandalism and graffiti. The also offered the same advise, don't worry about it, forget about it.

I've decided to address the club at the next mini and I'm still not sure what I'm going to say. I don't want this little asswipe to feel like he got a reaction and be more destructive but at the same time, I don't want this behavior in this park either.

Any ideas on how to address this issue?
Any ideas on what to say to the club?
Any advise is appreciated.

FYI, Weatherford Disc Golf Course, Weatherford, Tx
The graffiti has been removed.

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If i ever caught up with someone who did something like that to me.... god help them
Fortunately I have sense and will not commit myself to the stupidity of this person.
I believe in what goes around comes around.
The guy has an arrest record a mile long. It's only a matter of time.
Tic, tic tic goes the clock.
Yeah I would pretty much just have to cosign this advice.

Or give 'em the ol' Tanya Harding.
Well at the mini, I ask all the locals to step up and be aware of who's in the park and what they're doing so we'll see. In the meantime, someone and I'm not sure it was the same person, wrote on the main kiosk with a Sharpie. Then on hole 18, they decided they didn't like where the teesign was at so they pulled it out of the ground, drug it accross the teebox to the other side, then drug it back and stuck it back in the original hole. So now we'll get some concrete and cement it back into place.
I hate to say it but it's starting to look like school's out.
On the bright side, the kharma was working because my partner and I tied for first with a six under, and then won on the second playoff hole, good for fifty bucks.
Someone, and I would assume it's the same person or group that removed hole eighteen's teesign did the same thing with hole four's teesign. I figure we'll wait till the teeboxes get installed to reinstall these two teesigns. I don't know why they choose to be more destructive than to help work with the club and be part of the improvements to the course.
I think its more of a belittlement of others to make themselves feel better. Putting people down around them to make themselves look better is another way of saying it.

In this area I find that its really a generational thing...its seems from about High School to just about being 20, it seems "they" have no respect for anything that is not directly in their possession. However there are a few in that group that have joined-in in the club activities...and have brought some of those, shall we say, difficult players into the fold and the destruction has slowed. Dont let them bring you down to their level keep pushing forward and the rest will take care of itself. Good Luck!
Uh, if you ever see them again let them know how cool defacing a damn disc golf course is. If they're too stupid to release what kind of assholes they are, they aren't worth your time in the first place.
Nice job Dave, hope the beer helped!
Why don't you try a positive angle?? I know this is going to be the hard way considering that you stated what was written was about you, however, invite them to play in the tourney?? The worse thing that could happen is they say no. But if they say yes and join.....then you could help them understand from an inside/ less direct point of view.

just be the bigger person. They don't get to see all the work that you have put into , like your club does.

Just a thought
Most of the club members offer an invitation whenever we see a new golfer on the course. We have currently seventy members with a ratio of 50/50 amongst us and usually have around twenty for both minis each week.
I have one of my guys that works for a printing company making a new sign for the kiosk as well with start times and entry costs with a "everyone's welcome" attachment.
This has always been the case, we have several golfers that are members that don't usually play in our minis due to work or family committments.
I think this person only plays our course once a month or so and has defaced other courses in the area. I'm don't think I did anything to prompt his actions either, I just think he is one of those misguided souls lashing out at what he sees as the authority, only becuase I run the minis. What I really hope is he says something to one of the members or even to myself so we can get to the real reason why he feels the way he does. If he is just another disrespectful agent of chaos, then we will turn him into the parks department and or local authorities.
Either way, we will continue to improve our club and the course for his and others benefit. We've all decided this won't be a detraction.
As far as what was written about me personally, time has a way as they say, and in only a couple weeks, and the comments I've recieved from friends, I can laugh about it now, so there's that too.
Personally I am a little more up front, if I would have seen that written about me I would have approched them, either that day or the next time I see them. If you are gonna have the gall to write something about me....I will give you the chance to man up and say it directly to me. But on the other hand your clubmates are right....piss on em, sooner or later karma will catch up with them and they will do it around the wrong person and pay DEARLY for the mistake!!
To tell the truth Jack, I'm not sure what I'm going to do when and if I see the three I believe responsible. I'm not going to lose sleep over it or go hunt them down but at the same time, I haven't seen any of the three that were there that day back at the course, so I can't say how I'll react when I do. I'd like to think given the time that's passed I'll handle it fairly calm with a few sharp and pointed words perhaps, but without busting some knuckles.
Most likely I will at the very least let them know that I know who is responsible and that the city Parks Dept. has been notified and maybe the next time I won't be so nice. Maybe I'l get busy with a sharpie of my own. I wonder how long it would take to get some desparaging remarks off of one's face if it were to be written in said sharpie? Hmmm.

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