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I've talked and have read a few responses in regards to having three Pro Rocs at diff. stages of wear. So the flight characteristics are diff. My question is. Does anybody use the three diff molds (Ontario, San Marino,and Rancho) instead? I've been told they range from understable (Ontario) to overstable (Rancho). I've been thinking of giving this a try instead. Or is there just not a big enough diff. between the molds?
Oh ye masses of Roc users. What do thy say?

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Experiment and see what works for you. Really depends on snap ,spin and angle of release.
OK, but if I had all three of the diff. molds and threw them with the same speed, snap, and release points. Are the molds different enough to fly differently? ie.. Ontario will ahny, San Mo will go straight, and the Rancho hyzer? I guess that's what I'm trying to figure out in the forum. Instead of going out and buying three Champ. Roc$$$
Sounds like you know what works. I like them all.
Although not of recent times, nonetheless, I threw Rocs for years. My preference was the San Marino mold, well seasoned, for anhyzers and straight shots but the Ranchos for hyzers or fighting headwinds. In both discs I liked the flat-topped ones best. The Ontarios never did anything for me.

It is not only a question of flight patterns, it is also a question of the feel of the disc, the way it fits in your hand.

So even if an Ontario gave a useful flight I still wouldn't like it, its just too domey and rounded. I would rather start with a disc which feels good and break it in to the point I need.

There is also an advantage to have the same mold in different degrees of broken in. The more you throw a mold, the more comfortable and confident you become with it.

To answer Rescue's question, would a fresh Ontario be understable enough to satisfy the need for a controlled anhyzer mid-range? Not in my hands. I would need to break it in quite a bit. The same with the San Marino's. When new a San Marino is less overstable than a Rancho but not as understable as I need it to be to fit the spot in the bag I am looking for.

Everyone has their own preferences. The flippiest midrange disc in my bag needs to be able to turn (anhyzer) at slow speeds. So that tight anhyzer tunnel which is only 150 feet to 200 feet long requires a touch disc. It is difficult enough to hit the middle of a tight tunnel. It is a much harder shot to both hit the tunnel and simultaneously force a disc to anhyzer. Beat up a Midrange enough and you no longer have to force it to flip, it wants to flip with just a bit of gentle persuasion.
I throw a 173 and a 180 star ontario roc (neither is really understable) and a star rancho usdgc roc (which is quite stable).
The ontario's I tend to throw on shorter 290-330ft tunnels and the rancho I like to throw big high 340-350 ft hyzers with. I think there is too big a difference between throwing different molds and throwing the same mold with different degrees of being broken in. I don't think a beat in rancho is ever going to fly like an ontario or san marino. Just my opinion though.
I love my Rocs...however, like Mark said, its all about feel. To be honest, I have not found Rocs to be exceptionally consistent within molds. This is why I like the KC Rocs (10x and 11x) best...they seem to me to be truer than other molds; although I have never thrown a Champ mold--which everyone says will keep its flight characteristics unlike dx Rocs. AND with that said I carry at least 3 other Rocs (a san marino, a flat top ontario, and a flat top rancho) depending on the course I am playing. Furthermore, I am always picking up new Rocs to try and once I find one I like, I put it away until I have to replace one on me beloved Rocs in the bag. I say just try the different molds and see which feels the best to you.
Love the Original Super Roc.
I think Mark Ellis is spot on.

While you are right that all of these molds fly a little differently, with more-or-less fade, they all take some break in time to change stability. Of course, the Ontario, being the less overstable of the bunch takes less time ... but they can be flippy and harder to control. Any Roc in DX is going to break in faster than KC Pro, or CH.

I have been breaking in a San Marino CH [usdgc] since last year ... it's still not flipping. I don't try to beat my Rocs on purpose. I prefer to let them get less overstable with standard use. The DX Sannys break in faster.

I like the Ontario for some upshots or short drives where I might-or-might not want to use a putter.

I carry 1 DX Ontario, 2-3 KC Pro 10x, 1 DX San Marino, and 1 Champion Rancho in my bag most of the time. I rotate some new[er] in-and-out fairly often. I have several DX Rocs that I practice with and I put 1-2 of them in the bag when I have to throw risky shots over water or around water.

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