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A player on our course recently threw a thumber that came down on top of the basket.  The disc landed with enough force to wedge itself halfway through the upper entrapment section.  It was ruled a drop in birdie on the course, because it was in the upper entrapment area.  So, I thought I would ask you guys if you agreed.  Second part, if it had wedged hard enough to make contact with the chains would it make a difference?

Looking forward to your answers.

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Had one tonight at leagues. Hole 18, my partner throws a hyzer that hits the top center flips over and stays planted. Couldn't believe it, mostly because we've been talking about it on here (note: it was not wedged in, just lying on top). I showed him how to mark it and play it out in case it happens to him in a tournament. No crazy wind, seizure, or bear attack while dropping in. But, I was comfortable knowing that if I messed it up he got to try too.
look at the picture in the bottom of the pdga rules school - interference rule.
Nice find...good reading!
So in the hole out pic!!! All is good except the one on top?!?!?!?!? What about the one hanging on the edge of the the top rim(good or not)!!?!??!?!
in the hole out pic, all is good exept the yellow one.
Well said everyone, I would call that a birdie too.

Sometimes you have to be the "bad guy" and call people out for having too much wishful thinking. I think a person would be more concerned with having another Ace under their belt, rather than the 1-stroke difference it is making. Just like if a hole is debated as being a par 3 or a par 4. If it's a par 4 and you shot a 3, then congrats, you got a birdie. It doesn't really matter though because everyone is shooting @ the same basket from the same tee whether it's a birdie,par,or bogey the math is the same.

Besides, thumbers are lame! No compassion from this guy :-)
Eric, are you as thumber challenged as I am? The only reason I feel sympathy for him is because it would have been his first ace if it counted. But, I figure that will make his real first ace that much sweeter.
You should've seen Kurtis attempt a thumber on the flag hole/alder bush hole from the yellow tees last Saturday...it was epic. He as on a card with Dave, Edan, and I and we all kept throwing thumbers and he felt left out. He tried throwing it and center punched a tree 50' off the tee to the left. We all had a good laugh about it afterwards.

I know one thing is for sure, you have to have an overhand at the Moose Pretzel to truly compete in the open division. Not completely, but it sure does make it a hell of a lot easier.
Here's the attached picture. Just got it from the player.
That was the wrong call. By the rules the top part of the entrapment device does not count. In a tournament it would not count.
Senior - if you read the discussion it was ruled a birdie. The discussion was to see what people thought of the rule. It was overwhelming (100%) thought of as a birdie.
I understand now, he threw it off the tee. I agree as well...


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