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I just shaved my head and I'm debating if I should not wear sunscreen so I can tan the top of my head or if I should try to tan my head while sunscreen is on (is that even possible?). What do you guys suggest?

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I had long hair for nearly 2 decades. Getting closer to 30 my Lorenzo LLamas locks started fading away. Tried the Hippie Comb-over for a second(take the long bangs and strategically place them to hide the noticable bald spots). Now Ive got a shorter hair cut but I still havent taken it down all the way.
Im scared that if I take it down all the way it will reveal my giant misshapen head and Ken Climoesue ears(No disrespect to the king).
I have found myself glancing at Rogaine in the grocery store pondering its effectiveness.
Burnt my melon pretty bad kayaking last year. It was not fun.
Pretty much wear a hat all the time now
Ken Long said:
A dime size bald spot huh? I hope it doesn't get any larger. My bald spot is the size of a buttermilk pancake. Sometimes I actually place a buttermilk pancake on my head to keep the sun off. That's only when we have buttermilk pancakes for breakfast though. Which isn't very often.
Hope this helps.

joshlotto said:
i have a blad spot the size of about a dime, but ive had it since birth. its gotten sunburnt before, but i was on a beach in mexico for over a week, so that not very common i guess.

I Buzz my head every week just because I like it that way, but more importantly all of a sudden I could go for a short stack of those Buttermilk pancakes LOL
I shave and all last summer here in San Antonio I went with no hat a used sun screen.... DAMN I got dark! Get some sun on the scalp but take care not to burn.... I use the Sport sun screen... Also bring a Boonie hat, these are awsome when the sun beats down on you!
Hit Sally's Beauty Supply (or something similar), and they will set you straight. I do not use anything on my head in the sun; however, some moisturizer later on often helps.
We should join together and form the BDGA.

Most guys I know who are bald or have shaved their heads , atleast wear a hat of some type. You want to protect your scalp from burning or drying out !!!!
I have no personal experience here. Evidently growing hair is one of my few skills in life. But I do know that the very tanned melon except for the shocking, blazing white area where your sunglasses block the sun is a great look. Kirk Yoo (North Carolina) does this. Kirk looks scary to begin with (scary as in you don't want to mess with this dude) and in the summer looks really wild. All bald guys should try this at least once.
Ok, this is coming from a hairdresser. Remeber we all have hair for only 2 purposes. Protection and adornment. Don't even start me on the "bald wine-o theory". First of all when you shave your head, you have just taken awaly all protection, but in my opinion adornment is stil possible if you take care of you skin. Your scalp is used to pumping out a certain amount of oils to not only naturally moisturize your scalp, but also add oils to your hair.Now, you have thrown that tender new skin into a harsh world. Use a sunscreen when you go out start with a higher spf at the beginning, and gradually drop down as you tan.Alot of people don't realize that your scalp skin is the closest to facial skin we've got, so, a lot of burn victims actually get facial grafts from their scalps. Remember without the hair to grab up some of the sweat, the rag/hat is always a great option, or just a chamios to keep that sweat from running in your eyes. There's not a lot you can do about the sunglass lines, you had them when you had hair, oh well., cataracts aren't cool. Basically whatever you do for your face do for you scalp, and throat for that matter, may keep that turkey neck out of the equation.
Hope this helps! Sheila K
as someone who has shaved my coconut for about fifteen years i wholeheartedly suggest a spf twenty or higher. The skin on your grape is very sensitive to the abuses of our mother sun and sunburn on top of your gourd sucks in a way that is best experienced second hand. And the peeling of scalp makes others want to drop you off at a leper colony. Good luck my brother....mach three!
I must have this on a white tee! Funny stuff!

hippiediscdude said:
We should join together and form the BDGA.

I wear a hat religiously in the heat and still put on sunscreen. I have a shaved head and I play lots of ball golf too with my summers off. Avg. heat of about 80-95. I wear a brimmed hat (bucket hat) because its collapsible so I can take it off for a few holes and stuff it into my revo bag or ball golf bag. My head still gets a nice tan sunscreen and all. No sunscreen? Crazy!

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