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I'm researching and asked the Revolution Bag Owners club if there were any cons about the Dual Pack bag from Revolution. I soon deleted that comment post because I started this forum discussion. Before I or a "significant" other buys one does anybody have any gripes?? I wish I knew a pro or serious player around my area that has one so I can try it out for 18 holes but.. I can rely any input from you peeps. I have no doubts that you guys would give me the real deal about it. I hear a lot about plastic D rings.. do they really break? I know there was a forum posted about the best bag to get but I wanted to know specifically about this bad boy.

Revolution Dual Pack

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The danger for me would be that if I could carry 30 discs then I would carry 30 discs. Most times I really don't need that many discs but I know I have always stuffed every bag to the max.

I have never carried a dual pack but from watching others carry one it looked like it did not balance upright as easily when set on the ground or a stool. I don't know how great the "tip over" factor is but I almost never put my bag on the ground, resting it instead on a camp stool so I am probably more sensitive to this issue than most players.

The owner of Revolution bags, David Henrickson, is a member of this site. Maybe you should ask him.

Personally, I love the Revo bags. Mine is the Carolina bag.
The term sherpa is also used to refer to local people, typically men, who are employed as guides for mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas, particularly Mt. Everest. They are highly regarded as elite mountaineers and experts in their local terrain, as well as having good physical endurance and resilience to high altitude conditions. However, a sherpa is not necessarily a member of the Sherpa ethnic group.

Mike Inscho said:
Hey disc nut .. I might be an idiot for asking ..but what's a Sherpa?
Mike, I have the frame in but not the divider. The bottom holds around 20 the rest are in the top. I say go for it if you are going to carry over 20 discs.
You can also hit dave with an email off his website. He is an awesome guy who is there for his customers and is really helping the sport grow.
Thats a Great Bag . Seen David Feldberg with one !!!!
hey now,you might want to look into getting a Lama instead.Great for pack(bag) carrying.They actually use these animals on golf courses to caddy the bags.Peace

Mike Inscho said:
Thanks Bryce... I'm going to look into the extra bonus and quite possibly get a Sherpa with that order.
Mike there are 3 or 4 guys in my club that have em and love them!
sweeeeet. That's good to hear Jack.
I believe my girlfriend is getting it for me for Christmas after pleading and begging for the whole month of November and December. She was clear that she wanted to by me better street sneakers but.. I think I persuaded here that I really needed a new bag. Persuading her that a $155 dollar "backpack" (in her words) was worth it was tricky. I just linked a bunch of sites to her about the bag. The standard Innova bag was ripping at the seams after the first 4 months of abuse. I appreciate everyone's input in this forum. I'm really looking forward to the next rounds after Christmas with a better & comfortable bag to fit all my disc in.
Wow!!! I only own about 25-30 discs, and If I even thought about taking them all W/ me, I might not have enough energy to finish the whole round !!! I'm 6'1'' and hittin' about 215 carrying a nice rippling keg on the torso!!! I need a smoke just thinking about it, or at least a beer !!! Ha, ha!!
Good luck with the bag and Merry Christmas!!!!!
the players in our club had to build some sort of frame or support for the top pocket to keep it from leaning down and blocking in the discs in the lower pocket. They love the bag though and recomend it to people.
Mike when you get it post your feeling on it. Id like to get one maybe.
Dr. Zaius said:
borg wears one of those around. thing looks heavy as all get out. obviously you can carry quite the arsenal around though. with my past experiences with revo... i'd say get it.

usually gets a Borg disciple to wear it for him though....

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