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At my home course, hole #7 is notorious for claiming plastic. It's between 300' - 350' and plays across a small bay to the basket standing near the edge of the water. Let's just say there's a small fortune in plastic laying at the bottom of Lake Wazeecha, particularly in this immediate vicinity. On three seperate occasions, I've witnessed three different groups of golfers skip this hole entirely, so I'm pretty sure this happens a lot. I just assume it's because they'd rather not lose their discs. I too would rather hang on to what little plastic I have, but for some reason, I feel like if I skip this hole, I'm not doing myself or my game any favors. And besides, there's no reason why I can't go in after one (or six) if I happen to shank badly enough. But I digress...

Are there any holes out there that you or people you know intentionally skip? If so, why?

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Skip a hole.. why... the only way your going to get better at that hole is to play it.
Just Skip your disc off the water. Try for a Water ace. Skip the disc off the water into the basket.
Sounds like bad course design. It shouldn't go more that 100-150' over water without an option to go around (and without adding countless throws to have to go around).
Play the hole for a three versus going for the possible two. The hole is a slight dog leg right. One can "go for it" by throwing a RHBH hyzer shot over the water. The safe play is roughly 200 RHBH hyzer to a landing zone then put the upshot under the basket. One can also throw straight off the tee between 3 trees and you'll be in the wide open with a open shot to make the long putt or lay it under the basket. Yes, I have thrown a few discs in lake Wazzecha myself. One must throw with confidence. Phil "McKillson" spelling laid off his shot at The Masters and landed in the water. When one does go over the water and does hit one of the trees or not land right I have seen many go backwards into the water (happened to me last Wednesday). It is what is considered Risk versus Reward, what is it worth to you. Challenges is what makes things interesting. At least this hole leaves one an out, I have been places where they do not give you an out. One has to be able to throw a guaranteed 300' to get to dry land.
I would rather skip any hole that gives you a sizable chance of throwing a disc into an irretrievable area. I understand the risk vs reward thing, and of course, having OB be an integral part of the hole is OK. I just think that it is overly punative to have an area be an integral part of the hole where you are either not allowed to enter, or is an area that the disc in all probability will not be recoverable in the very near future. I know we have these areas, and you have to take extra caution in these areas. The use of these areas in our current DG course design is one of the strongest arguments I see for restricting the number of discs you can carry. If someone has a backup of a backup of a driver, there is little consequence of losing a disc, other than the penalty throw. Not having a limit on the number of discs gives an advantage to those who can afford to carry lots of discs, and especially those who carry lots of discs and use a cart, so that the added weight of those discs is minimized.
nah, its more fun to play those type of holes. you never know, you could of aced that hole everytime if you hadnt skipped it! if theres a hole like that in a tourny, you cant just skip it!
I know what your saying...Hole 8 in Stoughton Wis! Dead straight too about 250ft then a very sharp right. This is all on a very narrow fairway that, if you toss too far, you will end up in a reedy quagmire. Havent lost one yet but ive never been happy with this hole.
hahaha. nice one.

and I kinda agree with Ben. I wouldn't want to ever skip a hole and personally love water holes. there are two baskets at lake lewisville that come to mind. both can be played safe but reward a well placed shot that curves out over the lake.
I'll throw a kink into this discussion - flooded holes/inadvertent water surrounding the basket. The example I'm generalizing from is 10 and 11 and Willow Metropark. I know well that I'm going to get really wet and dirty if I throw the holes (especially 10), and yet I can't get myself to skip them. I think it's the added thrill. Also, I never skip holes where the basket has been stolen.
I always seem to ace the stolen basket holes.
okay, I'm going to sound like a asshole like usual. Fuck skipping a hole, that's for pussies. If you skip a hole, hang your head low, now lower, cause your only part of a man. Don't bother playing that course if your not a man enough to lose at least a low end disc on it.

Keep it low, cause you shamed the whole sport. Keep it there, until you are man enough to face a single, a whole whopping one whole. Then when you finally get your manhood together, tell your kids all the discs you lost at that hole and why you was too scared to throw a disc there to begin with and watch them say, geee grandpa you was a big pussy.
All over some lost plastic.

That was Roy's asshole comment of the day.

This reminds me of a story when I was in Iowa just a few weeks ago and I through one of my all time fav. discs over a massively fast stream through trees and landed a birdie. My friend said "hold shit you got balls". I said "that was one of my ALL time fav drivers too, a First Run Flash with tye dye". He said "you crazy fucker, that would have been one hell of a find." I said "well it's my first pick for backhand and I trust it" and good thing it lowered my score easily by one on that whole. I'm glade I did it was a rush, if it crashed I would have dived in for it, cause I truely trust myself driving and I truely love my discs.

Now I have a story I will always visually remember and it was worth it, even if I lost my great disc. Either way a great story.
My point exactly. Skipping is for pussies.

Lotto said:
nah, its more fun to play those type of holes. you never know, you could of aced that hole everytime if you hadnt skipped it! if theres a hole like that in a tourny, you cant just skip it!

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