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I have been putting it off for 4 years, but I am sick of hurting and my Doc says it should take away 75% or more of the pain. Its the L4 S something.... Doc says it already does not have much range of motion so it should not limit me to much... if not give me more then I have at this time. Scary thing is that they have to come in from the front side, and as the Doc said.... move my Chitlins aside! Glup... Oh well maybe it'll make so I can't have any more kids, 3 is enough!


I do kinda worry about what it would do for disc golf as thats a really big part of my life! So how has this worked out for you guy?

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I have back issues (buldges in L1,2,4, and 5). I've gone as far as the spinal injections and will NOT have surgery until I have "drop foot". No Doc worth his salt would reccomend surgery unless the quality of life is really poor. It's better than 50/50 you will see improvement, but there are many variables. First off get a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinion. Next, the success of the surgery increases with the number of times the Doc has done this surgery in the past. So shop around before you pick a Doc. Don't worry about the fact they go through the stomach, that's the common way they do it these days.

Just do your homework , because there are great, good, OK, and plain old crappy Docs out there. So look for the "great"ones or you could have issues.


Good luck!

I have had 3 docs tell me this is what I need... and yes I know what you mean about Docs...


You know what you call a Doctor that passed with the worst grade in his class? ..............Doctor


Meaning just as you said just because they are Docs. does not mean they are good at what they do. I hear good things about this one and know at least one person that has seen her... but I am still asking around and what not. Thanks for your input!

Dude, I just read an article yesteday about four (4) surgeries to avoid. The number one was spinal fusion. It does not reduce pain except in about 5% of the cases. There are other approaches to pain reduction, seek them out first. Avoid the surgery at all costs unless you are bed-ridden.
My fiancee had a bulging disc had horrendous pain the doctor told her she needed the shots and pain therapy for it (4" long needle put right next to your spine guided by x-ray) and then told her she would need surgery to get the fusion.  I wasnt having it so I made her go to a chiropractor she kicked and screamed the whole way there thinking it was hocus pocus and didnt think it would help thought they were all jokes, It took about 3 weeks but slowly but surely she no longer has the pain, numbness in her arm, for about two weeks prior i would wake up to her crying in the night.  Now she sleeps like a baby has no pain.  So take it or leave it but if I were to the point of having vertebrae fused together I would exhaust all options first.
Likewise,bad back but it really is a scarry notion unless one REALLY needs the surgery.What about acupuncture methods?Check it out.Chiropractors had/have a bad rap as well,but it has helped.Mind over matter,surgery does have that 50/50 chance.Depends on how much you want to gamble.Check out your other options first Skipper.You might be a sidelined disc golfer with just a buisness.Best of luck.

hey skipper , on sundays there is two guys who play with fused spines , and one of them is a double fusion . i will have two ask them on sunday or even better get them to sign-up here and tell you them self's .


So, back fusion = stable disc?
Ha, maybe I can name my next overmolded disc the Fusion
Sounds like an unstable disc,go for it.

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