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My wife and I are going on a cruise and I was wondering if anyone has ever tried this. I'm going to throw a disc off the ship ( one that floats o'course ) and put my name, phone number, and when and where I threw it off and see if anyone finds it.

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Not to be a kill-joy, but really, the "whale digestive tract" comment is not that far off base. Think about it, chucking a hunk of plastic in the ocean/sea/bay. One of the things that I like about disc golf is that we try to take pride in leaving the park in as good, if not better condition than when we arrived. As cool as the idea sounds...
I agree. I was trying to point that out with humor. Even Cruise ships use golf balls that turn into bio fish food.
They should make discs that are fish food...for those water holes...then we'd stop getting mad when the disc foragers try to sell us our disc back for 5 bucks!
there is a 100 plus acre plastic floating island between hawaii islands and the sea of japan, if we can't clean that up maybe we should not add to it.
Hey, its not easy to get some of the discs we find. If you wanted it that bad you should have gotten in the water and found it yourself. I always call numbers and what not. I also always return discs free and donations excepted, but I'm a nice guy. I just also see where they are coming from in finding them, its not easy I have cut my feet beyond belief.. If we or they had not found it it would have been 10 or more to buy another one. So 5 bucks aint nothing.
Sounds like paradise.
You're not the type I was speaking of and really I was making more of a joke than anything. If someone finds a disc of mine in the water and I don't really know the person, I always offer them a disc for their trouble, but I want my disc back. We've talked about this on another thread and by law, if the disc has your name on it, it's still yours, even if someone else found it. I was annoyed the other day when a guy found my surge in the river and I happened to be there. I immediately pulled a brand-new quarter k out of my bag and offered it to him for my beloved surge. The guy waffled for a bit, that's the part that made me angry. I always return discs to their owners and never demand anything in return. I never go into the nasty and potentially dangerous water on our course in town however. Maybe you're entitled to something if you do and yes, I don't go into the water for my discs, but it's not necessarily that I'm not willing. If I could see where it was, I might, but I'm not going to go blindly feeling around in the stuff. I think if you're a disc forager, you're often rewarded with an abundance of plastic that isn't marked or at least doesn't have a number on it...making it impossible to return (unless your club has a drop box for them). So I don't think you really SHOULD expect a reward from the person. Doing the right thing has its reward in this life and I believe in the life to come. Okay, I'm off the soap-box.

That said, I'll still offer you a disc if you come to Fond du Lac and find teerex. And I won't judge you at all for taking it. I appreciate that you do offer the discs and free. Hey, if someone wanted to give me something for a disc of theirs I found and were insistent, I too would accept it. I truly didn't mean to offend.
Dude, you have no shame! That's why I like you ;)
Not by any means did you offend me. I personally always return discs because I want my discs returned as well. But IMO if you left a disc you most likely planned on purchasing another one, I dont know of to many people who leave it and think hey I will wait until someone finds it and gives it back to me, everyone just plans to buy another, so if you planned on spending 10 or more on a new one whats 5 for the orignal yoru comfortable with back?
But also I do understand that we do find alot of discs and get to keep most of them which is why I call and give back for free.
Just saying, but i I don't expect rewards but gladly take them. I just understand where those people are coming from. But there are assholes out there, those I do not appreciate.
Ill clean it if I can live on it for free. or atleast make it look pretty. lol.
The real question is this: Does this island consist entirely of dragons, hydras, and ultralight discs?? If yes, I'm going to move to japan (or hawaii), buy a sailboat, and search until I find this magical oceanic oasis of plastic. I'm sure my wife and kids will understand.

All joking [mostly] aside, I do recycle, reuse and support my local farmers! :-) But then sometimes I do run up and down our street holding down the button on old hairspray canisters full of CFCs whilst laughing hysterically. I'm still working on this vice against the planet.
Then STOP running INTO the "spray" I know, I know, but the pretty colors afterward are sooo cool. lol!

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