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I am brand spanking new so I'm working in all aspects of developing my skills. So far as my drive goes, I've finally gotten my rhythm with the x-step so it's a continuous flow through to the snap, I make sure that I get as much reach back as I can without throwing myself off of being able to keep my core centered and balanced, I've started to use a little wag of the disc to get my wrist fluid and doing the right thing for the moment of snap. Here's my problem, I have read so much about the risk ripping itself from ones grip automatically at the moment of snap etc. Here's what I think my problem is I have a VERY strong grip. I've played Bass Guitar since 1984 and though I'm only 5' 8" and not built like a wrestler. I have, however had huge dudes, who tower over me and who could kick my tail try to do the intimidating, manly man alpha dog handshake only to have me turn the tables and have their eyes bug out as I responded with my own grip. In any case. As I put my all into all the aspects of my drive I still seem to have to make sure to let up a bit rather than grip and rip. Otherwise there's no rip at all. It seems, I either let up too much and only get the disc just past 200, to 220 feet tops, or I don't until I am way into my follow through and over extending my arm back almost behind me, where I let go not to pull any muscles or anything and the disc flies way right. I think I know what some of you will say regarding it taking lots more practice and repetition, but I'd like to know if any of you who have had the same problem have any good suggestions or tips on how you overcame the problem. Thanks!

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You bumped your thread with a link to the same thread? Are you trying to put me into some sort of circular vortex? Just find your rhythm man. And don't click on that link or you might get sucked into the abyss.
It could be how you are gripping the disc. Do you use a 3 or 4 finger grip? You do want to gripping firmly, but don't want to be flexing your whole arm to try to get that grip.

you could try slidning your fingers down closer to the edge of the rim. This will allow you to use the same amount of force gripping the disc, but allow it to be "ripped" out at the point of release.
Whoops, sorry about that.
I have been using a 4 finger grip, with the tips of my fingers actually up against the flight plate. Today I'll experiment with getting out closer to the edge. Thanks for the tip.
The four finger grip is a pretty difficult grip to control well. I only break it out when a hole has a lot of fairway and I need the extra distance. Try pulling you pinky off and curling it in towards your hand. This also allows the disc to sit in your hand differently. With 3 fingers the disc should rest in the crease in the middle of your palm at the wrist and tour wrist should then angle so that the line of the disc is parallel with your forearm.
I'll try that as well. I sent my Star TL way right today into it's new home somewhere in a palm tree or the surrounding sub topical vegetation. That disc has been trying to escape me for a while, it finally went where I was unable to find it.
They are to hard to explain, but if you can. Check out Feldberg's and Climo's grips. I use both myself. Feldbergs for control and Climos for power. Also, as far as grip pressure. It's been said that you should have enough grip pressure. To were you would be able to hold onto the disc as if a dog was trying to pull it out of your hands.
The disc does not need to be thrown as hard as possible. You have to admit, its much more about how you throw the disc then how your gripping it. Rather than having a tight grip on the disc, have a firm grip. Pull through with a straight line, nearest to your chest as it is most comfortable. Another thing to remember is that lighter discs go farther than heavier, but are much harder to control.
Drive an hour north and get a LESSON from the Clearwater Disc Golf Store.
The Store is owned by Professional Disc Golfers who compete in the PRO division and have been members of the PDGA since the 80's.
You will learn proper footwork, grips, flight of discs, and more.
Lessons are structured so you leave knowing what to work on in the future and how to progress on your own.
Plus there are 8 courses to play in our area and over 40,000 Discs on display in our store.
Check out this Video!
That sounds like the ideal thing to do when I can find enough time to do so (Full time work, Kids, Night classes, study for Night classes). Money is also a factor, what do the lessons cost ? Lesson or not, I do want to get up to check out the store sometime, even if to buy a disc or two. Thanks!

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