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to all who said that discraft is more better and consistant thats funny considering that innova throwers always place higher at worlds  or any high class tourney and sadly to all discraft lovers even gateway smashes out discraft just ask the world cahmp nikko and ulibarri is the only bright spot for discraft  and please do remember people that innova did come first dominated and still going strong     .......kudos to discraft and all its throwers and supporters but you cant disclaim the 73% that did like it!

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Okay, this is going to be fun!

Error #1: Nikko has never won a world championship and throws some innova even though he's gateway sponsored.
Error #2: Ulibarri is sponsored by Innova, not Discraft (I know this one helps your case a bit)
Error #3: Nate Doss has won 2 world championships several national tour events with his all Discraft bag
Error #4: "Innova throwers always place higher at worlds" a couple of years back the final nine was Nate Doss, Cale Leviska, Markus Kallstrom, and Mike Randolph. 3 out of 4 of those guys are Discraft players and oh yeah World Championship #2 for Nate Doss. Eric McCabe (discraft) is currently tied with Ulibarri (Innova) and Anthon (Innova) for the lead of the current world championships and is a force at any tourney. Cam Todd has also won a world championship under the banner of Discraft and Ron Russel as well.
Error #5: The longest run-on sentence in the history of the English language. (low blow, I know)

The fact that Innova has more players sponsored and more at the top only tells me that they have more money and incentives to pay their players. I roll my eyes whenever the Yankees win another World Series because their payroll is nuts.

Lastly, please don't take this too hard, but you needed a good roasting with all the fightin' words you posted! AND... I love Innova. :-) And Discraft.
Is this supposed to be some sort of "I Love Innova" hugfest? Seriously, get over yourself already. Lame. How many threads do you need anyway?
Awesome post! One thing, I think Cam Todd was flying the Innova flag in 2001...

Come on now. Lets be nice. OK there will no longer be Discraft or Innova people. We are all now Discnova 64! Sorry you just gotta laugh...
Yeah, but then he switched to Discraft and disappeared from the face of the earth for a while. Oh wait, this doesn't help my argument...
You said it !!!!!! And please do remember people that innova did come first !!!!! Original , copied by others !!!!
I was playing a round at La Mirada with Dunipace. He saw me throwing an XL wuth a weed stamp on it. He asked me what it was. I told him "an XL , the Teebird is basically a copy of it". I've never seen anybody that pissed off before ;o))
The whole thing is that there are several different companies that make discs. What someone chooses to buy is their own personal preference. How they use that disc is what makes them a good player or not. It is simply ridiculous to argue who makes better discs. And it simply doesn't matter. What matters is skill. You can give me a set of Tiger Woods personal golf clubs and I'm still not going to be on the PGA tour. Same goes for discs. Use what you like. And there is no need to have two discussions of the same topic. We could fill this whole first page up with Innova vs. Discraft, Innova vs. Latitude 64, Quest AT vs. Discraft, etc. And what about some lame statistic? Who cares?

In the words of Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along".
Add another one for Team Discraft Mr. Eric McCabe 2010
Haha, SOO perfectly timed for this thread. Two holes left, here's to hoping he doesn't blow a 5 throw lead.
One hole, 5 strokes. What an AMAZING climb to the top for a thoroughly convincing win!
Disc Golf in the Star Trek universe.

Beam my disc into the basket Scotty!

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