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I know that this disc is not for everyone out there. It is the only new disc that I have purchased so far this year. And I am finding it to be quite overstable (yes we are at altitude). That being said, I have handed the disc to a few people and offered to let them just check it out. I always tell them to crush it hard, but people seem to think that it's going to flip right away so they don't listen and the disc ends up going way left.

I have been chucking it hard into the ground (straight down) in an attempt to speed up the break in process. I will get a handle on that disc eventually and I have had some good throws with it.

It just seems that people come with a preconceived notion of the disc so they are afraid to really huck it hard. Just my observations in the span of a couple weeks.

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Stability issues? With an Innova disc? No it couldn't be.....

Just another EPIC FAILURE with Innova Quality Control!!!
Two diff. discs.
Such a hater dude. Not like the Memorial Nukes fly the same as the production Nuke. Can't tell you how many people say the production Nukes are more stable than the Memorial Nukes. If you want a consistant production disc. Buy Latitude 64 ;)~
I currently have a beat in 173 Pro katana. I've only had it under a month and half but it is already worn in and waaay understable. When I first picked it up it wasn't so bad but I never had time to learn it before it beat in. First few throws with it were a little under 400 feet but now I'm lucky if I can get it as far as my wraith (if get the right hyzer angle and nose down).

As far as people being afraid of it I think the issue technique vs power. Your hardest strength throw will do weird stuff, at least with my katana, and a smooth well accelerated throw will yield far more results. How I throw my boss though is to just hulk it with a little anny on it and its butter. The only thing I find with both discs is nose sensitivity, but I'm still fresh and learning.
Im not scared mail me one or two
Peoples game can be as inconsitant as plastic can be. Try throwing the Katana in a tail wind.
Go out and buy a brand new one and try that. The new ones are more overstable. We aren't talking about the older ones because they behave exactly like you described.

Last night I once again handed it to a younger guy with a bit of a gun and he threw it...

To the left. I know that he wasn't afraid to throw it. He just didn't put enough on it so that it would stay right.
I have been trying it especially in tail winds. This is just one disc where I haven't found the sweet spot yet. I think that I am getting there. The thing is that when I see it flip hard I think that I didn't get that much D with it. However, when I walk up to it I realize that it did go far after all.

Oh sweet spot, you will be mine.

Even a good friend who plays Open was throwing his older one in league last night. He's waiting for the new one to break in. I'm just throwing mine into the ground very hard.
Doesn't the disc behave more overstable when you throw it in the tailwind?
I have never had that issue with a Sidewinder. I don't see why that would be true.
I thought that was the whole idea as to why you throw an understable disc in a tailwind as it helps fight the stability the wind is forcing on the disc. It would be the opposite of throwing a disc into a headwind as it makes the disc fly more understable.
Depend if it's a straight tailwind or a left to right tailwind. When I thought about it there is actually some effect. I'm finally getting it broken in though. My friends just don't seem to trust me when I say "Turn it over hard". I say it and they immediately throw it left. I think that I'm finally getting it down. Just have to get a little angry.

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