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I know that this disc is not for everyone out there. It is the only new disc that I have purchased so far this year. And I am finding it to be quite overstable (yes we are at altitude). That being said, I have handed the disc to a few people and offered to let them just check it out. I always tell them to crush it hard, but people seem to think that it's going to flip right away so they don't listen and the disc ends up going way left.

I have been chucking it hard into the ground (straight down) in an attempt to speed up the break in process. I will get a handle on that disc eventually and I have had some good throws with it.

It just seems that people come with a preconceived notion of the disc so they are afraid to really huck it hard. Just my observations in the span of a couple weeks.

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ATTN:: Forehand throwers!
I haven't heard any forehanders discuss the Katana. Before I go out and buy a max weight star katana i want to hear some feedback.
Mine is a flat top i like it but is way overstable.
I'm disappointed with the stock run Katana. It is pretty overstable for me. I have to give it everything and put in on an anhyzer to get good d out of it. I'm getting much better results with the Champion Katana (now more commonly available as a CFR disc) with throws of 400' when I hit it right (I still have to release it anhyzer and throw it hard, but it's more forgiving). The lemon lake star katana is a touch more stable than my champion version. I'd actually like my champion version to beat in a bit so I can hyzer flip it a bit. Right now none of my Katanas flip at all for me. The pro 1st run did... too much for any kind of d.
I'm gettin used to it now and I have to give it my all as well. Tonight I threw mine on a few holes and it worked pretty well. But I just couldn't get my head in the game. So I decided to quit but my buddy said to go grab a beer so we did. We met up with a couple of other people and I decided to throw his 168 g. Katana. Threw it every shot for about 15 holes. I did chuck his Destroyer as well. And now I believe that I have a better appreciation for the disc. There is no holding back on that disc. Dedication to the shot is a must!
Just got a 169gm star katana, and it's my new favorite forehand disc, don't really like it on the backhand, there i prefer my nuke, but partly because it fits my hand way better. But if I want to bomb a forehand drive, this thing does it without even trying. Was throwing the star wraith on my forehand before and loved that, the katana is a wraith on steroids in my cruddy opinion. Get one. Now.....Get the visa out... Go
I just got my Star Katana (169g) last night and I think it flies pretty well. It is definitely more stable than the pro version. I was able to release with slight hyzer and it flipped up and turned on me. It needs some breaking in, but I can see this will be one of my longer discs. I was really expecting to see this thing as stable as the Boss like a lot of people were saying. I also received a Star Boss (167g) and a Pro Boss (168g) the same time I got my Star Katana. I was able to throw them side by side a few times and noticed a definite stability difference. The Pro Boss was the longest consistently out of the three. I don't have much of an arm, but I throw pretty solid at 360' and do get drives somewhat often in the 380' range.
Maybe I'm just a weenie arm and I'm afraid to throw the Katana. Honestly, I think that mine is getting broken in pretty nicely now and I need to stop overthinking it. I turn 50 this year and maybe I will just have to accept the reality that I can no longer throw as hard or as far as I used to. Well I'm not quite ready for that realization yet.

Lately I've been driving with putters and putting with drivers and my whole disc golf world seems upside down at times. I just need to get back in the summer groove...
Which did you prefer, the destroyer or the katana and which yielded better d for you?
I wasn't really throwing the Destroyer so much, but my buddy was cranking it nicely. I wasn't paying too much attention to D. Maybe I'll try it again some time.

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