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In the past month we have had one guy show up and move (drag) a tee without permission to another location. I also tried to get the same guy a sleeve for a new position (actually an old position that got replanted with a new wall) and he told me that if I didn't get him one soon he would "rip a different one out of the ground". Really, I'm trying to help someone get something done and they respond with a threat? Then yesterday I went out to the course to repair a sleeve that was broken and unusable. I dug it up and knocked the cement off of it so that I can get it welded up for reuse. Today I get a call from the club president saying that someone called him to say that I was out "redesigning the course". I told him that he should know better, that I don't do things like that and I was only trying to repair something that was broken. Meanwhile we have a few DG'ers who are bashing the club on Facebook and they are members of the club. Had a guy yell at me about pin positions the other night during league. He also thinks that somehow he is going to "take my basket keys from me". That is not going to happen. I run two separate leagues so I have keys for a reason (not to mention all of my personal time that I have spent helping with anything course related).

Things are really getting crazy. Makes me not want to be involved anymore and when the graffiti and broken glass is everywhere I won't be there to volunteer my time to clean it up. Too many folks who don't care. I used to enjoy disc golf but it is getting much harder to do that anymore with all of the negative drama. Why go out to do some volunteer work at the course when people will put you down for helping out? And when I ask a few people to stand up for what is right they tell me that "they don't want to get involved".

Man our local DG scene sucks. We have to be the most dysfunctional club in the country. And it is hard to get anyone to give a (fill in the blank).

End of rant. Apologies in advance but I had a pretty bad day dealing with all of the BS.

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Hey, the club president showed up tonight and tried to hash things out between a few people, one of who was me. In the end all projects have to go through the club (which it was always supposed to be anyway),I said some things about how the guy who dragged the tee needs to cooperate and I drank a few beers. Nothing really got accomplished but at least everyone knows where everyone stands. The pin positions were good and got some feedback about one position which then got moved a bit out of the way from a different basket.

I got the sleeve welded up by my mechanic and gave him five bucks so he could buy lunch. Things have calmed down for now. League was surprisingly mellow but we only got to 4 down in doubles.

Life is good again...

For now...

After the round I had to call the Fire Department because some stupid kids had a fire going in a large ditch. We just had a huge fire here (Colorado Springs) last year so that is really stupid.

More signs of our club dysfunction. This year we adopted new rules in regard to the tags. All top 20 tags must report in and be played for in league at least once every three weeks. Right now we don't even know who has about five of those tags. Enforcement doesn't really happen and one tag went to Afghanistan a couple of months ago. So the rules seem to be a bit useless and they are not being enforced.

Also this year we decided to run a "Points Series" where folks would get points for showing up to league and more points for taking cash. At the end of the year a winner would be declared. Unfortunately the guy running the whole thing failed to do timely updates and then lost all of his paperwork about it. So it failed after only three months.

And we had one hole where two pin positions were pulled to appease the City. They could have just been moved over about twenty feet and out of the vegetation but instead we are too afraid to actually ask the City if we could do that. In our quest for new courses we have become lame and are afraid to even ask for what we need (impotent). And the course has actually shown a lot of vegetation growth because of our efforts with mulching the place.

Apathy is running rampant. Can we ever step up and put our big boy pants on and behave like a real club? I don't know. Supposedly we may get a new course this year but how will we ever be able to take care of it? Cautiously optimistic.

Just saw that my last post in this thread was one year ago. So the saga continues.

Jim whats your course's name ? location... yeah.. seems that only a couple of folks do most of the work and others like to complain/suggest things.

It's Cottonwood. The original course here in town. The layout has changed over the years so we make the best of what we have. You have to watch out for errant discs while playing. On the hole where two positions were pulled (#11) it basically shares a fairway with another hole (#7) so things are pretty tight. Not having those other two positions basically screws up the pin rotation so I haven't even moved that basket in a while now. Just decided that it's OK to birdie it every time basically by throwing the exact same shot. It didn't used to be that way. We lost a lot of ground when the City did a stormwater project there (basically two fairways gone). And then in an effort to appease the City over a few sticker bushes getting trampled we pulled two positions without replacing them. So we still have one other position that we can use on #11 but when we do #7 has to go short. Really limits the layout.

A lot of people love to complain about the place but it is still in my opinion one of the best courses in town to test out your abilities. We have multiple pin positions so the layout can change from short to long or a mix of both. It is still my favorite course in town. You just have to deal with the issues there or play when it isn't so busy. But you can't just go there thinking that you can throw the same shot on the same hole day after day. Winds change direction and pin positions move, making it a true challenge for anyone's game.

But the fact that we couldn't even run a season long "Points Series" this year is the most disappointing thing of all. It wasn't that hard to do but the guy who came up with the idea failed to properly execute it. It just seems like one misstep after another. And supposedly we are taking on another course soon (installation and everything). So I have to wonder how that will go. Cautiously optimistic though.

Sorry Wayne, forgot to mention that it is here in Colorado Springs on the north side.

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