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I like the PDGA. I think they have, do and will do a lot of good for our sport. I want to know why you don't like it. Please be specific.

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New members do get a disc and a mini which I believe may be donated or are even a bigger discount than regular wholesale. Not sure. It makes no sense for the PDGA to provide any commodity product like a disc every year in their renewal memberships. Better to keep the dues lower. The PDGA needs every penny they are getting now and more. All you do by giving out a disc is have to charge more for membership, then turn around and give the same value back to the member. Better for the members to buy the discs they actually want from merchants more efficient than the PDGA would be just churning that money. The full PDGA budget is eseentially paying for labor that no one wants to pay for locally. That's why it seems like members don;t get much. You get as much as you get from your lawyer, accountant, architect, UPS and Geek Squad. It's a service based economy.
with out an ams at a tourney no pros would show up.there would be alot less cash
to me, joining the PDGA is worth it just so you dont have to pay the 10 dollar fee at tournys ALONE. after 5 tournys youve paid for the membership and then start saving money. thats of course, only if you plan on playing more than 5 tournys a year, which if your a member, i would hope your doing.
I'm still wondering How much tax dollars I'm getting BURNED by AIG ?
EZMONEY25 said:
Chuck, your getting VOLUNTEER mixed up with getting compensation. That has to be the very definiton of volunteer: Someone that does something to benefit the wealth of others, and not YOURSELF. You are doing all this because you want to. Nobody makes you do it, and if you werent doing it im sure there will be someone else to jump right in your place...
And what free benefits am i looking for?
Sorry but no one is there to just jump in. Several of us have specialized knowledge that few have regarding the sport. We are compelled to volunteer at some point to just keep things going and hope that eventually those efforts can result in compensation. Volunteers are those who maybe do a 10-20 hours per year. But it simply becomes an unpaid job once people expect you to do it and you feel like if no one does it it won't get done. Then it starts running into 100 hours per year or more. That's the way it is. Many of the so called volunteers can't tell you why they do it and take the abuse they do from people who do little. But it takes all kinds to make the world go round. Some are just cheap and operate like the world owes them something first before they give anything back, that's if they ever do. Different strokes.

As far as free benefits, you ask the PDGA to give people one or two discs at current membership renewal prices. That's new benefits free that the PDGA can't afford. It's too bad the time I spent discussing this with someone who will likely not join is simply wasted unless perhaps there are lurkers who recognize the value in their contribution to the sport via PDGA membership rather than just me, me, me. I can hope.
I did a detailed study of the direct costs and volunteer time for the Great Lakes Open, about five years ago.

If the volunteers who planned and ran the event had all been paid minimum wage for their time, the registration fees would have had to be doubled to cover the costs.
I agree the PDGA could do a better job connecting the various income streams with what they pay for and also all of the volunteer efforts related to each activity area. It's been on my volunteer "to-do" list for a while but I have to pay the bills with that work first.
EZMONEY25, I've been involved in disc golf now for 10 years, at a local level, then statewide, then on the PDGA board, and now local again. There are no "higher powers." I've seen people who are less noticeable than "the average joe" step up, do positive things, serve on the PDGA board, then go on with the rest of their lives. There is no secret disc golf cabal. It's entirely people like you and me, which is why our Rule #1 in DGRUS is "Behave as though everyone in here is your friend." It might not always seem like that, but it is essentially true.

EZMONEY25 said:
Of course im not going to join Chuck. You still cant show me what me(the average joe) gets for giving you 50.00. lol And if i did join i couldnt help change for the better, because the ideas just get thrown away because the "higher powers" have a better way...
I'm not in the PDGA office. I've lived in the same apartment for 30 years in Minnesota scraping by doing what I do for the sport in the last 20 years more like an entrepreneur than a volunteer, working toward getting the people who run the sport at the local and national levels with the same idea, compensation like those who do the same things in other professional sports.

EZ you directly put me down or let's call it a slap in the face simply by not joining to support a sport you say you love but even $10 is just too much? Simple as that. No indirect about it. I've done a few things that have likely impacted your playing experience that you'll likely never know about no matter where you play regardless whether you're ever a PDGA member. I think Terry and a few others could vouch for that.

The PDGA has steadily grown year after year with the membership model they've had, even in tough times. Frankly, if PDGA membership is simply a commercial transaction where you pay money to get some products of the same retail value, that does nothing for the sport. Might as well just become a retailer posing as a membership org. The Costco or Sam's Club of disc golf. You don't expect to get a new computer for every $500 you pay in lawyer's fees. The PDGA is about the services that help support member experiences like tournaments, stats tracking and World Championships, promoting the sport and answering member questions and helping them find information.
with the exception of when I was unemployed, it's not like $50 is a lot of money anyways.

I knew this discussion would be huge, they always are.

group hug!! er.. umm.. ok maybe group toke!! hmm.. err.. ok maybe just a group handshake then ?
50 bucks still isnt alot of money.
50 bucks still isnt alot of money.

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