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I like the PDGA. I think they have, do and will do a lot of good for our sport. I want to know why you don't like it. Please be specific.

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This is a fairly new sport with lots of young exciting people playing it. I think th PDGA should try and harness some of that good edgy energy and get some of them nominated to help bring the organizatin into the new century. Make a self imposed rule to replace themselves ( the Oldies with newies over the next 5 years. ) That may help bring the oganization into a new era. Any non profit regulatory organization should produce their books for all to see annually. Renewal may be where it's at. Everything am's vs. pros, online mag vs. hardcopy mag looked at, am and pro org?, different fee structure, real pdga merchandise, national vs. international .......... form a reorganization super committee with a convention and rebuild from bottom to top..... a brave new disc world.
If you don't like the rules of a PDGA event don't participate. Disc golf would not be heading in the direction it is without them. Grubby beer drinking pot smoking dirt balls are the problem with disc golf. Green fees take care of that in ball golf. Too bad there isn't more of that in disc golf. It seems that the vandals are the afore mentioned and if no drinking and smoking and a dress code is what it takes to keep them away O' well....
Its not just the "grubby beer drinking pot smoking dirt balls" that are the problem. I have seen some sober people that are dirt balls too! And not all beer drinkers and pot smokers are dirt balls!
I agree not all are.
I'm curious, does the PDGA have more than one centralized orgaization? What I mean by that...Is there a PDGA Western States Ops? (made up of course) or Gulf State Ops.?
Might help to spread the weight of the world? Reason I mention it, was that I saw a "NorCal PGA office" So I thought it would make it easier to deal with problems and make the locals feel more apart of it. Since I'm out here in Nor Cal. I do feel "detached" from the main goings on in this sport. Seems like the "big events" are never spread around the country. So I've never seen a reason to join, since all the fun is in the midwest.
There are state reps elected by PDGA members and California has two with a North and South rep. Yours is Jennifer Knisley from Loomis. Oregon is essentially PDGA West with three Board members from there: Todd Andrews, Chris Bellinger and Feldberg. In addition, Stork is a paid PDGA consultant based in Pasadena. The reason the midwest has big events has nothing to do with the PDGA but the actions of local promoters. In your eyes, the midwest is outdoing NorCal in hosting big events. Although two of the biggest events this year will be the Steady Ed Memorial Masters Cup NT in Santa Cruz followed by the Beaver State Fling NT in Oregon both a week apart in May.
Thanks for the info. I never knew.. Always new about the Steady Ed, but I guess I never considered it a "major" event. My bad :)
Several World Champs play in the event every year if you want to check it out. In fact, I believe the current Open Men and Women Champs live in or near Santa Cruz.
isnt avery up in oregon?
No. I thnk he's now living with his sister and Nate Doss near Santa Cruz. But they'll soon be back on the road again.
yeah ...... what about US Open in Seattle? or Portland? or is it just a matter of votes there too?
Innova will likely have the USDGC as long as they're willing to put the money and effort into it. I doubt there's a potential bidder or company willing to spend the money to match their efforts at this time.


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