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I like the PDGA. I think they have, do and will do a lot of good for our sport. I want to know why you don't like it. Please be specific.

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If you sign up for a PDGA event, then you should follow the rules of a PDGA event.
If you are in an event that is not a PDGA event, then you follow those rules.
The difficulty with the PDGA is that it is not a Strong Central organization.
There is not enough interest in the PDGA by the public.
An official from the PDGA can't be present everywhere.
It is up to each 'local' to make it work.
It is still small potatoes.

As far as a TD enforcing the rules; good luck with that.
If you are strong enough to voice the opinion to follow the rules, usually ostracizing of the TD takes place (by a few).
How can you fight all the participants when they want to do whatever they want anyway.

The point being is that if a TD makes the effort to get all those sponsors ($$$$$$$$$$$) to make the tournament worthwhile for EVERYONE, than everyone should be considerate of the complete "show." Do you want repeat sponsorship? Disc Golf is a 'hard sell' to the "OUTSIDE WORLD!"
Unfortunately there are a few that believe that they still can act anyway they want.
It happens at every course and every tournament.

Whether it be drugs, alcohol, or bad conduct, there always is something.
When you get large groups of people together it's inevitable.
Rules are made to settle each certain situation. If you don't like a 'rule' voice your opinion to the PDGA.
Like it or not we all must live in a society or rules.

My question is: act the way you do when you go to a 'public store.'
See if you can drink, smoke, or extremely get upset in the supermarket without upsetting the place.
Then do it anywhere you want.

PDGA or not, when you have a 'public event' going on the 'public' will show up.
They want to see the 'game.' The WOW factor. Not anything else.

Simply put: you any participant, playing well or not makes an impression on the outside world.
We need new players in this sport for it to grow. Please behave yourself. Your mother does not work here.

It's true, if you are a PDGA member, than you are the PDGA.
I will play more than 5 sanctioned tourneys a year. PDGA promotes a positive public image of the sport. Who doesnt want to save money and have a good reputation?
Good Call !!! The PDGA tries and in most cases, succeeds in being a focal point for organized disc golf. And as said earlier, if they left, there would be a void that had to be filled. They have come a long way since I joined.

I have been a PDGA member since 1982 and not had any problems. It is a Focal point for Disc Golf and has Rules that Players follow for the most part.

Just have Fun and play Tournaments ! I'm still Happy I'm able to play at All !!!!
The PDGA is a well intended organization that is good for the sport, regardless of its organizational flaws.

The bigger issue here, as is evident by this discussion, is by in large, disc golfers are non-conformist and generally anti-establishment. Therefore, an organization such as the PDGA is going to run into some roadblocks with past, current, and prospective members.

An establishment of disc golfers is somewhat of a oxymoron.
Essentially, the quote I believe attributed to W.C. Fields probably applies to the orientation of many towards the PDGA, "I wouldn't join any organization that would accept me as a member..."
I thought that quote was attributed to Groucho Marx.

Any, I missed your posts where you were being a complete (as opposed to a partial) arrogant ass. Would you mind pointing me toward those posts?
Why the heck should I do that for you!

(I didn't know there were any so I wrote this one just for you :-P )
I removed a post due to name-calling. Can't do that in here, folks. At least not if I see it.
you've seen wayyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooo much
This is a fairly new sport with lots of young exciting people playing it. I think th PDGA should try and harness some of that good edgy energy and get some of them nominated to help bring the organizatin into the new century. Make a self imposed rule to replace themselves ( the Oldies with newies over the next 5 years. ) That may help bring the oganization into a new era. Any non profit regulatory organization should produce their books for all to see annually. Renewal may be where it's at. Everything am's vs. pros, online mag vs. hardcopy mag looked at, am and pro org?, different fee structure, real pdga merchandise, national vs. international .......... form a reorganization super committee with a convention and rebuild from bottom to top..... a brave new disc world.
Oh, Terry, you're such a doody-head :)
If you don't like the rules of a PDGA event don't participate. Disc golf would not be heading in the direction it is without them. Grubby beer drinking pot smoking dirt balls are the problem with disc golf. Green fees take care of that in ball golf. Too bad there isn't more of that in disc golf. It seems that the vandals are the afore mentioned and if no drinking and smoking and a dress code is what it takes to keep them away O' well....

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