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I like the PDGA. I think they have, do and will do a lot of good for our sport. I want to know why you don't like it. Please be specific.

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eric beich said:

here we go again...

Bahahahahhahahahahhahahahaha!!!!!! ....Not the twizzlers!!!! No...just say no!!! lmao!!!!
Pay cash to the ams and i'll stop bashing the pdga. As for the pot smoking and drinking during an event, you honestly can't wait the two or three hours until the round is over. You do it when you sleep. Nobody plays by the rules anyway. I see a lot of golfers jump putting and releasing the disc after their foot leaves the ground. Foot fault. Seen people do run up only to slip on top of disc on ground and call it and nobody will second it. Put an official with every group, I'll pay an extra $5 for my entry to pay for the official.
Don't even get me started on why I will never pay the extorsion fees.
I'm sorry, but for me to pay $50, then another $10 in extorsion fees for a c-tier! Bahhhhhhhhhhhh
Look, I do not want $20 worth of plastic after paying $60 and taking 1st-3rd.
Lets not even start to gawk about Copyright infringement!
What a joke.
moe. said:
Don't even get me started on why I will never pay the extorsion fees.
I'm sorry, but for me to pay $50, then another $10 in extorsion fees for a c-tier! Bahhhhhhhhhhhh
Look, I do not want $20 worth of plastic after paying $60 and taking 1st-3rd.
Lets not even start to gawk about Copyright infringement!
What a joke.

Dude, first of all, join the PDGA and then you wont have to pay the 10 bucks, it pays for itself after 5 tournys.
Second, i dont know where you play but ive never seen a C tier with a 50 dollar entry in any am division.
Third, agian, i dont know where you play, but around here, in all the am divisions ATLEAST the top 10 places get merch and id say 9 out of 10 get there entry fee's worth of stuff back if not more....plus a players pack of ussually two discs.
I just wish they would do something to boost the world championships! Like use $1 per entry to put into the worlds purse so that we can actually create an event that can get us some exposure. $1 per entry would come out to around $125,000 which would make the current purse $200,000 (they have been trying to hit $100,000) for ten years. It would be something the members could actually see with their own eyes unlike the $3-5 they already take from each of us anyway.

My beef with them is that this won't happen with the current leadership.
To William G

"In what ways is the PDGA geared more towards the AM’s. I don’t see any AM Events"

I count ~12 "AM only" tourneys just in April

I love the PDGA
For all of you that complain about the rules of the PDGA, grow up. Just like PGA, PBA, etc. lets emphasize the first letter: P for Professional. There are guidelines in any professional sport and they are for the best interest of everybody. Personally I can give a rats ass what you do in casual rounds... I may even join in. But when it comes to competition, I would rather leave it for later.

1. Marijuana is illegal... disc golf doesnt make it any different.
2. If you really need to drink when you play disc golf, then you have some serious issues. Drink after the round. There are numerous good reasons why you shouldnt drink during a COMPETITIVE play.
3. So what if there is a dress code. There is a reason why a lot of disc golfers have this bad reputation. Being presentable for tournaments shows that this sport can be professional when the local media and public shows up to check it out. If youre dressed like a slob, smoking a doob, and being a sloppy drunk it shows no class in the sport.

There is a reason why it is called the PDGA. Respect it... you are an idiot if you wonder why they have certain rules and regulations.
scoot_er, thats a good thing about the southern nationals, the $2/player fee goes to YOUR divisions Championship.;
Keep in mind that the PDGA needs players and tournaments much more than players and tournaments need the PDGA.
I don't hate the PDGA . Besides southern nationals PDGA is the only thing we have. Do I think that they could improve....YES. I think that It is more like a big club more than a professional organization. Meaning they get their money the same way my local club does. I'm not complaining about that b?c you have to get the money somewhere. My problem is the Structure and the lack of organization. Meaning that, Not anybody should just be able to play any division without starting at the bottom and working to the top. I think seperate weekends for pros and ams is a great Idea. Less people would be turned away and pros would feel like professionals for the hard work they put in rather than just another division on the field. Maybe we would probally have spectators during pro events. Clean up the image, Organize Real state Championships rather than some dude saying lets run a b-tier and call it the State Championships. Thats Lame and from expierence the local News station don't even want to see that not including ESPN, GOLF channel etc...Let the PROS be PROS rather than sticking them on a course layouts set-up to accomidate AMS (putter-putter oh I get to throw a roc-------WOW oh $hit I can actually throw a driver on this hole) then at the end of the round you shoot 13 down and get beat only B/C you had 3 putts hit solid and spitt out. Sorry but you didnt loose and they did'nt really win. It was only luck that your putts didnt stick. Also while I'm on the subject about tournaments. Why should there be 6 different tournaments 2hrs apart on the same weekend, Why not organize 1 maybe 2 events on that weekend so you can get a bigger turnout and have bigger tournaments. Also 90 player fields is gay I personally (1014- rating) have been turned away from 7 tournaments in less than 7 months (trying to register a month early). I belive If you are going to run a b-tier or above than you should automatically have 3 courses and the field limited to 216players whith the possibility of foursomes on every hole. If your hometown has only 1 course than a C-tier with a field of 90 would be siutable not a A or B tier. (after the 60 locals sign up your field is limitet to 30 outsiders)
So I guess what i'm saying is this in many ways the PDGA copies the PGA but the only thing that the PDGA fails at Is the Seperation among top players and no structure among thier tournament schedules. Not to mention the fact that for 75 bucks I can sign my dog "birdie" up as a professional player and she would recieve a touring card and a disc. I'm actually thinking about doing that to prove my point but everyone who reads this post or knows anything about PDGA memberships knows that I can really do that. So my question is this, Is It right that for 75 bucks I can sign my dog up as a professional player? then sign her up into a field of 90 as a pro player and other players get turned away? Because under the structure we have now I can actually do just that. KO-20020
I 've been lurking...And I understand the topic and the Question being asked.

I don't hate the PDGA...so why respond with reasons why I do...when I don't...however, this thread is jumping around a bit...so here's my 2 cents.

As far as the activity that takes place at sanctioned events. There is no real threat of enforcement of those rules by the PDGA...actually it's pretty much non-existent. Until that changes...nothing will likely change.

You wouldn't show up to work...Pull off your shirt...fire up a fatty...slam a couple of cold ones....hell no!!! the threat of being fired is REAL! (Construction related jobs excluded from this example...lmao!)

Bottom line....the threat of disqualification/suspension has to be cold hard blue f...... steel real!!!!
There is a real threat but it depends on the players and TD running the event. I've been in events where players have been DQ'd and some suspended for a variety of behaviors over 20 years and not just in Minnesota.

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