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I like the PDGA. I think they have, do and will do a lot of good for our sport. I want to know why you don't like it. Please be specific.

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50 bucks still isnt alot of money.
besides, discgolf comes before rent and bill ......right?
The mission of the PDGA, whether right or wrong, isn't to get everyone who plays disc golf to join. It's more about competitive disc golf and doing the things needed to support that like technical standards, rules, competition formats, helping host major events, getting better courses in the ground, providing a clearing house for information, tracking stats, providing a schedule and communicating with members, the media. park departments and potential sponsors via the magazine. If the PDGAs mission was to become the Costco of disc golf, then the marketing suggestions are appropriate along with some of the other changes proposed such as eliminating non-member fees. But at this time, it's not the mission. If it were, then it would be doing a terrible job with PDGA members being less than 1 in 1000 players by some estimates.
Your $10 goes off to the PDGA like I said a number of posts up for your 1 day membership. That money is ice cream free sadly. Don't get the two fees intertwined as they are not. All of that cash is sent to PDGA HQ

.....and they get the ice cream......"No soup for you!!!" Sry, good discussion.....Carry on.
Is this thread done yet ?
I'm in the camp where I play more than 5 tourny's a year so I'm more than happy to let the PDGA track my stats for free.
I hear you. One of the things that doesn't happen as often as would be best, is a clear explanation to newbies as to the relationship between the tournament director and the PDGA. I would like a tournament director to reply something like this: "We're running a PDGA-sanctioned event and thus PDGA members are getting a $10 discount from the registration fee. Getting that discount on sanctioning fees is one of the benefits of PDGA membership and ensures that PDGA members get more out of their membership. Since you're not a member, you have to pay full price. Or, you could join and get the discount, a mini and a disc that is personalized with your new PDGA nnumber, and that PDGA number, ratings kept, and eligibility to quality for worlds and enter some of the larger events, which are restricted only to PDGA members."

Really, I think the entire way the whole thing is presented to nonmembers needs cleaned up. If I could rewrite the process, I would describe the situation as the PDGA is charging a $10 fee as part of its charges to the TD for allowing the event to be sanctioned. The PDGA waives that fee and doesn't impose it on the TD for any PDGA members competing in the event.

Nothing about that change in description changes how the money flows, but it does present the situation in a more positive light.

Think about it for a minute, put yourselves in our shoes for one second and then respond.
Im new and go to the check-in. The TD goes "Your new you have to either pay me 10.00 or 50.00 extra to play." what would your reaction be? Remember this is your first real exsposure to the competitve side of the sport. Would that excite you,and make you so excited to put your name on the registration?
Well my answer was no, so i left
Sorry Alterna, incorrect. From the beginning of the USGA Rules of Golf:
The Spirit of the Game
Golf is played, for the most part, without the supervision of a referee or umpire. The game relies on the integrity of the individual to show consideration for other players and to abide by the Rules. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be. This is the spirit of the game of golf.

The PGA only provides marshals on evey hole at the biggest events. Even then, the players are expected to make the calls on themselves or ask a marshal for a ruling when they even think they might have done something wrong or are concerned that they might make the wrong choice.
EZMONEY25 said:
Chuck, your getting VOLUNTEER mixed up with getting compensation. That has to be the very definiton of volunteer: Someone that does something to benefit the wealth of others, and not YOURSELF. You are doing all this because you want to. Nobody makes you do it, and if you werent doing it im sure there will be someone else to jump right in your place...
And what free benefits am i looking for?

When someone volunteers to help a club, the club does not pay them anything. Therefore, the volunteer is not getting compensation. They are doing it for the benefit of others and not themselves.
Actually the TD says " Hey hows it going? Are you pre-registered? No? Well, it's a good thing you got here early because there's only a few spots left? That'll be $30 to play. Are you a PDGA member? No? If you'd like you can join the PDGA for a year for $50 today and you'll get $10 off of your registration fee today and at any other PDGA events you want to play in throughout the year. Do you want to join? YOU SAY: "What else do I get?" Well I'll send in your info. and the PDGA will send you a welcome packet in the mail. It includes a PDGA stamped disc, a customized mini with your PDGA member #, a rule book, a subscription to Discgolfer magazine, and a year's registration to discgolfU.com which is a handicapping service. So, would you like to join? No? OK, then that will be $30.

EZMONEY25 said:
Then why cant he take my constructive criticism?
Think about it for a minute, put yourselves in our shoes for one second and then respond.
Im new and go to the check-in. The TD goes "Your new you have to either pay me 10.00 or 50.00 extra to play." what would your reaction be? Remember this is your first real exsposure to the competitve side of the sport. Would that excite you,and make you so excited to put your name on the registration?
Well my answer was no, so i left
Now same scenario, just different approach. "Hey man your new, you either need to pay an extra 10.00 for playing in this tourney, or we have a PDGA membership were you can play in al the PDGA events, and you can go down to that bin down there and pick out two of your very own/favorite discs. This is a one time 50.00 fee." Which one would more likely persuade you to give the money up?
You wont be spending more money, because you already give away discs to new members, and you give them something that shows where there money went. Thats constructive criticsm right? In response, this Chuck guy tells me most rec. players dont Volunteer, and that he wasted his breathe trying to explain something to me, when i was just trying to give him my ideas. If Chuck aint a higher power, he sure acts like it.
After reading all of these posts including my own hating on the PDGA. There is only 3 arguments drugs, rules, and money. I myself as a 1014 pro player currently ranked 21 have no problem with people drinking or smoking Doobies or drinking during a round. from what I've read on this site its an amature problem. I think most pros have came to the conclusion that they want to set a positive image for our sport and the PDGA. The problem is Mr. Rec who thinks its OK and this is just a hippie sport. Next Rules have also seemed to be an argument. well in my division the rules are followed I'm not going to cut any breaks and nobody cuts me any breaks mainly because we are playing for the same money our money that gets us to the next tourney (let the Pros be Pros). Last money, I never complain about entries exept they are not high enough. In fact I wish there was a 500 entry for A-tiers and 1000 for NT's. However we can never do that because it would also raise the AMS entry and since we often play on the same courses that would be a train wreck. One reason would be that Pros are playing for a 10grand and the ams are playing for a basket. So I have came up with a solution Seperate Weekends seperate tournaments, More spectators, No dope smoking or drinking among lower divisions, and have professional Image. So here is the only solution If anybody wants to help organize an actual tour than let me know I'll quit playing Pro today to help grow the sport. I'll personally be that TD that you see at every tournament and I will enforce the rules for any drinking or dope smoking during competitive play, but after the rounds what you do is your own business. Let the Pros be Pros for the love of the game. Kris Orrick "KO" 20020


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