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So I went to by a Latitude Stryker the other day. The store I go to has a scale on hand. So I find a nice 169g disc put it on the scale....173g??...next one was a 168g. NOT! try 175g. Same with Innova and Ditto for Discraft. Just about every disc was off by a few grams and some by several...WTF!!! Guys if you are to busy on the production line to get it right or even close. BUY a robot!! Hmm I wonder if this is how GM got into trouble?
OK, I'm backing away from the cliff :) sorry I just had to vent.

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same here where I live, sometimes though it works out if you find a color that you like that is written as a weight that you don't want, that when weighed it turns out is the weight that you were looking for.
I hear ya!!! It's a REAL problem. Don't know what to tell you other then it appears the golf disc manufacturers don't really care about certain aspects of quality control..particularly when it comes to weight.

I'm a consumer, If I pay for a 169 gram disc...I expect a 169 gram disc...not 174!

Damn!! ....now I'm venting!
Discgolfcenter.com, get exact weight and color.
In defense of DGC,
they order a range of weights, many discs.
Shall we say stacks of them.
We basically 'trust' the manufacturers to get it right.
Go to the source.
You can email all the manufacturers.
Re-Read the OP...I believe he is referring to the manufacturers...not the retailers.
There was a post on this before. I believe someone talked about humidity playing a factor in what a disc weighs, or was it temp. I don't remember what was said but I do know it had to do something with one or the other.
Oh yeah its BUY not BY!!
here is a thought. maybe if the weight is off so much and what we "think" we've been throwing isn't really correct it doesn't really mater as much?
haha. I'm just sayin' ...

I know,I know :)
I worked at a chemical manufacturing plant that produced some parts for the auto industry. It was important to weigh samples of parts to see if they met the requirements. An engineer had the bright idea to automate this process and have the parts weighed on the line by passing over a scale. Great idea, right? Well, it did not work, because the scale would accumulate with chemical coating and add extra weight to the results. The scale would have to be cleaned about every 30 seconds which meant stopping the production line. So, back to the sampling method to determine weights.

I don't know how Innova weighs their discs but in mass production and with different models, the more you produce the more costly it is to be exact on every item. It would be interesting to weigh, say 100 Rocs from the late 80's, compare the written weight to the actual weight and then weigh 100 new Rocs and do the same thing. My guess is that the 80s Rocs will be closer in weight to what is written.

I do agree that it would be better to get a 168g disc when you pay for a 168g disc. But it gives resellers a chance to distinguish themselves by weighing their discs for resell.
Out of curiosity, I just got out a set of old triple beams and weighed some of my discs, here is the list. The first wieght is what is marked on the disc, the second is the actual weight.

2008 champ roc -176 - 177.5
Star Destroyer 169 - 171
Star destroyer 169 - 170
Champ Groove 172 - 172.5
Champ monarch 172 - 172.5
Champ beast 171 - 171.5
Star Echo Groove 172 - 172
R Pro Boss 150 - 149.5
1st run champ destroyer 172 - 174.5
1st run Boss 174 - 175
07 USDGC star roc 176 - 176.5
01 USDGC roc 174 - 175
RW Pro roc 150 - 147
1st run CE spider 170 - 170.4
CE T-bird 174 - 175.3
Discraft Halloween buzz - 172 - 173.3
Discraft 1st run crush - 172 - 173

This list is a sampling from the 01 CE roc up to a brand new R Pro boss and the variation seems to be no more than about 1.5 grams.
Just out of curiosity how sure are you that the retailers scale wasn't off?
The best way to check a scale...is use a nickle...it weighs 5 grams

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