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I think I am missing the snap in a FH throw and just relying on random arm strength. My main question is, how do you get snap on a FH shot when you are pushing the disc rather then pulling it? Or is there something else entirely I am missing?My mid FH game is great drives are just better then average but nowhere near as consistent or far as I would like. I know Marc, without seeing me throw, it is tough to truly give advice, so come play Flyboy with me here in Atlanta and you can show me all round!!??


Just so you know, I use the split finger grip mostly but have been trying the power grip. Right handed, throw somewhat close to my body. I hve a strong arm and can pull 400+ BH with phenominal snap, yeah yeah, I want to be better at FH too though!


Well I am going to watch vids while waiting to go get Medal of honor for PS3 at midnight, thanks for input!

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try snapping a dish towel with the forehand motion, if you can make the towel pop, you are getting it.
I am RHFH thrower who is commonly referred to as "how the hell do you throw like that?" Basically, I can sidearm 'em 400ft with plenty of delicious snap. Some say I make it look completely effortless, but I assure you, it is not.

I use a two finger stacked, key pinch grip (I stack my middle finger on top of my pointer and grip the outside with my thumb.) I keep my arm way outside my body and quite level during follow through. The motion is fluid, meaning, I starts from the deltoid/pectoral area all the way down to the snap of the wrist, all in one motion. That being said, grip/release angle means everything in respects to disc stability.

I must warn you. I have struggled to have both a strong BH and FH for years; and as soon as one starts to get good, the other suffers.

Good Luck.
Unlike Destraayer (how the hell do you throw like that?), I am commonly referred to as, "Hey, didn't you used to be good?"

So Corndawg13, I think snap has something to do with form, flexibility and fast twitch muscles.

If you showed up to a track meet and didn't know any of the competitors you could never, by looking at them, know who the fastest sprinter was. If you arrived at a baseball field and lined the teams up you couldn't guess who threw the hardest. And until you watch someone throw a disc there is no way to know what kind of snap they have.

Snap can be slowly developed by practice and training but WORLD CLASS SNAP, the kind you see from players who can put a disc into orbit, is, I think, mostly inherited. There are, of course, players who have the fast twitch genes but have never realized it. Disc golf tends to attract players with superb natural gifts who never got hooked by traditional sports (due either to lack of interest or opportunity).

I think that most players who have strong snap backhand also have the potential for strong snap forehand and visa-versa. Think about the motion of slapping, like slapping a person in the face, or for frisbee throwing motion purposes, slapping a short person in the face. Ok, if that vision is too graphic, let's say you are slapping a truly evil troll or gremlin or mythological midget who has kidnapped a bunch of innocents. You can probably slap forehand or backhand with rougly equal power and velocity. That slapping motion is what forehand and backhand snap is all about. Add a disc to your hand, in a firm grip with full follow through and there you have forehand and backhand drives.

The best way to develop a forehand is not by throwing with maximum power. Far better to throw smooth and flat and balanced and clean until you can control a putter, then a midrange and finally a driver, at whatever distance they naturally go. Once you can throw flat and straight, then work on ramping up power.
"Hey, didn't you used to be good?" LMAO!
I'm just looking forward to the day we can say to Mark, "Hey, didn't you use to give really, really long answers?"
Mark is the best teacher.... Slap a midget ha ha lmao
medal of honor truly sucks ,huge disappointment for me
Think about a figure skater spinning in place on the ice, as they pull their arms in close, they spin faster. Apply this to your form to create some speed, some pop, some slap, some snap! The trick, you have all heard this, keep your elbow in TIGHT. Start the disc chest high. Pull that elbow in just as you release the disc, then let your arm go and follow through. I mean tight, keep your body compact. Create some momentum with your lower body. Stay light on your feet with a quick X step. Get low, bend your knees(this is key). Plant your foot and let your upper body transfer your weight forward (hint: chin over front foot) Try to release flat, somewhat with your palm up (disc selection IS important). If you can create enough speed and power, then pull it all in close, the snap will come.
Same idea as backhand...you can increase your snap potential just by pulling/pushing tighter.
Thanks for the advice, I am going to work on it again. I made some progress the other day.
Snap the towel.
If you get it to whip and snap...it is the same pop your discs want to create spin.
Your disc wants snap to create spin.
Spin is what holds the disc in the air.
More spin=longer glide=greater distance.
The spin is the gyroscope that holds the disc on a line.
When the spin dies and slows down is when the disc turns sharply.
This can all be effected by the model of disc and its stability rating as well as weight and lifespan or beatness and your angle of release.
Better yet. Take your discs to an open field and throw until you get it...this can be hours or days, sometimes weeks but do it until you get it. Experiment. Watch players who already know how to do it and emulate them in an open field.
Once you got it, you will not have to do this drill again until you want to learn a different type of shot or grip, etc.
Who is Mark Ellis?

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