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I've been working on my drives for many years now, only incorporating the X-Step and Power-Grip recently back in 2009. I've read many instructional articles and watched many videos, and have played with some big-arm players picking up a few tips here and there.

My average drive is 285'-300' and pretty accurate. My longest is 340' and only happened once.

I'm 55 years old and 5' 8" tall. I am coming to the conclusion that this is maximum distance for me.

I am pretty happy with it and actually think it's pretty darn good, until I watch some young guns that toss it out there 400+, including my son who is 29 and 6' tall.

I was just curious what others are throwing for an "average" drive and whether you think 300' is a "respectable distance" for this old guy.

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I am in the same boat as you and I'm only 26. 300' is a great drive for me. I've been playing for maybe 5 years.

Everyone's different, of course, but around here, that will equal or outdrive most people in the Advanced Grandmasters division (50+) and, if accurate, hang with the guys in the Pro Grandmasters division.


I'm 52, age & injuries have me a little behind you (average 260-270', max about 300' except the occasional fluke rip)....if I'm accurate and putting well, I can hang near the top of Advanced Masters (40+).


So I don't know if you've reached YOUR peak, but those are decent numbers for most 55 year olds I've seen.

I'm 61 and throw 320-400+  depending on which one of me wakes up that day. Also knowing the wind and using the long lever is a big part of reaching max distance. By "long lever" I mean using the whole length of the arm from the shoulder to the fingertips. Most players start out bending the arm at the elbow and max out at 300 ft.  Also twisting the shoulders back far enough to not see your target adds power to the release of the long lever. Learning to use legs, back, shoulders and arm in a full body throw helps immensly in avoiding injury.


Just because I've played since '82 and won 50 or so tournaments before '93(retired to cycling), doesn't mean you can't do this yourself. I gave a local here a couple lessons a few weeks ago and last night I got to see him throw 300+ many times. Good luck and relax to throw far.

28, 3 months now, avg. 225-250 long 330.  A few 300 footers in field, but they're just rare and blow my mind when they happen, like watching it is always new to me.  I've had to learn through reading alone, I'm happy where I'm at for my short time playing.  It's fun, really don't care if I maxed out, I'll be doing this a long time.

300ft seems to me that mysterious number that people are after. That is about my Max also, but I am Lucky to keep the Max drives accurate, so I don't mind settling for the 250-280 footers, then taking a longer upshot.

300 is a good distance!!! Even on long holes!!! 2 - 300ft's =600!!! How many 600ft's are there!!!??? So you are good to go!!!


Straight and long!!! What more do you want!?!??! Drive for show putt for dough!!! 350-400 don't make you better!!!!


49 years old, avg drive about 275-300' on rare occasions 320-340'. I only started throwing backhand couple years ago, if I can ever get my technique right I think I can get 350'. Accuracy is the key, I'd rather throw it 250' and be in the fairway than 350' and be in the brush.
To everyone, I really appreciate the input. I typically play solo, and I'm always hearing people bragging how they can rip it 500 feet or more. Although I've never seen anyone toss it 500', I was starting to wonder if I was doing something wrong to only get 300'. I'll concentrate more on my putting (which sucks right now). I'm addicted to this game and play daily, I prefer it over ball golf. Thanks again.

300' is solid but don't give up so easily.  Brad Hammock is in his mid 40's and throws 450+ and is only 5'4". 


Personally, I throw 330ish right now.  I lost about 40' of distance recently and am trying to gain it back.  39 years old, 5'11" here.

 My average is around 300 - 350ft With a best throw of around 450ft, I am 34 and 5'10" with back problems.


I just moved up big time in D after being a caddy for a great player, and taking the time to watch him and others on the card throw. I moved up by 80ft with great aim! And to top it off I am not throwing as hard so my back does not hurt as much after I play an even better game.

That is kind of a subjective question, and it would depend on if I'm on the course or in a field.

I'm 44 years old, 6'2", and 238lbs. Been playing 7 months

On course 350', more if it is a wide open hole for a flex shot.

In a field 380' + the last time I checked.

Once I started hitting the lines on the course that I was looking for, I kinda stopped checking the distance numbers. They are kinda useless when most courses I play don't require 400+ power, and when they do, it's usually from elevation. I tend to worry more about lines and setting up for my second shot and can I hold that line with the disc of choice.

Oh, and I've heard it all. You're too old to throw that far, you're to new at the sport to throw it that far, you aren't messuring the distances right. I'm at La mirada Regional in California if you want to come play a round, I'd love the company.



might want to mimic some of Brad's pre-shot routine to get that extra D


his putting technique might help you out too




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