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I played a tournament this last weekend, and someone had a baby on the course with them the whole time.


Number 1. I find this very dangerous. ( I myself hooked up on a huge hyzer shot and almost hit the kid on a blind corner.


Number 2. Everyone on the course was complaining about it and I dont think one person said anything to a TD or anything.


Number 3. Only once did I really have an issue with this. I was in mid cross step in my drive and I heard a loud cry from near by and shanked.


I dont think the disc golf course during a tourament is the place for a kid around a year old.


Ive said my part, next time I will be calling the TD.

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what kind of tournament? if it was pdga sactioned I would have to agree with you. then again in the last b tier i played 2 diff round i had people talking on the phone during round and 1 got a call during my shot.
Thats funny you mention the phone, the same guy was on the phone almost everytime I saw him, the same guy that had the baby. Yes it was a B tier.
As parent, I find this to be dangerous. my kids have been on the course since they were infants, but not around tourney play or even high traffic times, because it is dangerous for them and disrespectful for the other golfers. until they are old enough to learn and understand course etiquette, they should not be around sanctioned or league play. they should be welcome in casual play because the best way to learn is by doing.
That wouldnt be that cool at all. Its pretty simple..........its just too dangerous for the little guy.

As for phones, I turn mine to vibrate.....the ole lady calls to much for one reason.........more importantly it is a huge distraction to myself and the players around me.

Silence is golden.........
children and dogs have no business on a tournament card...
Hawk wrote:'' children and dogs have no business on a tournament card..."

It depends on the behavior of the dog or the kid. Years ago, I had a dog, Hajii the Weasel, who had superb tournament courtesy (and was a PDGA member and paid tournament entry fees) and joined me during rounds. Off the leash, he was as good as any Amateur player out there. On the leash he was better than the Pros.
Start a kid young and they will grow to love the things the parents enjoy, I have 6 kids and 2 grandkids. I wont go or do anything I cant have my kids be a part of, but yes they need to behave acording to the situation at hand. I run Beagles in trials and when my kids were to little to walk and keep up they would ride in the kid backpacks and beat the brush with me on every outting I would not trade that for anything.
Hi Brandon. It was fun playing in this tourney with you this weekend and I'm interested to find this discussion. First of all, I believe that the baby was out for most of the final round only, not all weekend. Nonetheless, I know for a fact that this caused a lot of unnecessary drama on that card and others. I personally talked to (NOT complained) the staff and TD about the incident after the event, and we're hoping to avoid any issues like this in the future. The club member who's 'guilty' of this brings his little boy out in his stroller to league events all the time and there is rarely, if ever, an issue. BUT, I agree that PDGA sanctioned tournaments are no place for adding the extra distractions that acts like caring for infants and talking on phones unavoidably bring. It does seem that there may have been a few times that Courtesy Violations may have been warranted.

I look forward to hearing other replies.
Little Tykes on the course need parents to be responsible for them at all times.
I just wanted to change one thing about my post, I said that everyone was complaining, and thats not true. Although I did hear alot of people talking about the issue. Thanks to Mark Stephens for heads up on what to do next time. I will not call for the TD. 801.01 B. Check into it, and then check G for what to do. =) As for dogs, last year the same tournament I had a dog on my card second day last round that was all over the place. This year I had a dog on my card second round first day, but was the best, most well behaved dog I've ever seen. Thanks all for ur replies.
My biggest issue with it in casual play is the danger to the baby, I've seen some ladies walk down the fairway to spot the discs as they're carrying the baby....I have a problem with that myself.

The crying in a tournament wouldn't be a good thing either.
A disc to the head might not kill the kid, it might just turn him into a Hawaiian!

The first time I told that joke, my buddy that's married o a Hawaiian told me it was in bad taste . . . . . . .after he stopped howling with laughter.

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