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For those that suffer from back pain, how do you deal with it.
DPS was a big sponsor of the Worlds in 2000, unfortunately had to ride around in a golf cart and watch due to chronic back pain.

Finally for years in my search from ab crunch machines, massages, to hanging upside down,
now recently with the purchase of a new mattress, no springs, no high tech foam, 
a simple cotton and mix of foam my back does not ache so severely in the morning.

Wow, what a difference.
Everything in live is better!

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Went to a chiropractor for a year and donated money for his new expansion!

Xrays show that I have 4 fused vertebrae, 2 in my neck and to in my lower back.
They believe that this is from birth, was a premie baby.

I believe that it all comes down to exercise, keeping the weight off and sleeping on a good bed.
Well, It really depends on what's wrong with your back, or, if it's even your back that's causing the pain, I've been having what I thought were problems with my lower spine, every once in a while it just went to crap, hurt like hell and in a couple days it would be better so I never went to the doc, well, 12 weeks ago it started hurting again, the next day I was whizzing blood, and in the last 12 weeks I have had 2 surgeries and will have another in about 3 weeks or so...... it sure wasn't my spine although It sure felt like it was... it was my kidneys, they thought all I had were some large stones, but they discovered tumours in there too, so far none are cancerous, but the combination is very painfull sometimes, I mean tears streaming ,dropping to your knees in agony type pain, and my friends think a 6'4" 300# fella writhing in pain is kinda funny, well, I'll be fixed soon enough, and you know what?.......they might be next...and we'll see who thinks it's funny then.....get yourself checked by your doctor before you self medicate............
Sorry for your situation.
Good thing you had the sense to go to a doctor.

Went to doctors years ago, they said that there is not a lot that they can do.
Well,after 40 yrs and counting in the retail meat depts,I deal with it.Paid the chiropractor,helped some.Advice was try not to stand so much!!very difficult to cut/butcher beef sitting down,let alone everything else that deals with that buisness.Temps ranging from 32 degrees(freezer ) to 45 degrees inside the workroom,standing on hard,cold concrete,bending over cutting tables,etc.Knees,wrist,shoulder are also body problems that become overworked.Advil,sense of humor and playing disc golf helps one make it thru life.Enjoy and go throw.;>}
yea the fusion adds a new level of difficulty...
I have had problem for 4 years and tried about everything.... so I am not saying that it's the best thing in the world to get surgery, some times it's one of the few options left. I am 33 years old and have not worked in 4 years... I have 2 kids and one on the way.... every Doc I have talked to say's it needs surgery, and as I have been there and done that it's time! I have a family to look out for... and when it comes to surgery I listen for the most part only to ones who have been through it... not those who think they know.... and about 95% or more seem to be much happier after.
It helps some, but I have been through PT twice and even try to keep up on alot of the stretches... they make it easier to move but dont help at all with the pain in my case :(
Does gateway make the herniated disc?
They should make one!
I am a tree
has anyone tried dr. shole's they say it releaves pain in the lower back and knees so "does it ?"
Wear Zigtech by Reebok for standing on feet all day during conventions.

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