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Hey, looking for a new disc to help me with my bh hyzers, I have medium-strong power but have trouble keeping the discs I currently have to stay on their turns any advice would be appreciated.

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I used to use firebirds, great hyzer disc.  Last fall I switched to a discraft reaper which is really similar to the firebird.  I personally just got a real comfortable grip when throwing the reaper.  But, I think both are great for big hyzers.

Something understable will hyzer better, it will go further left with distance for a backhand righty.  If you throw a stable disc flat and watch it fade, then I guess that is a hyzer too.  If you really want something that you can pull way out to the right and then go way left when it finnishes, maybe even skip far, I would suggest a valk, TL, teebird, or a very beat up overstable driver.  There is a difference between a stall (flat throw that hyzers as it fades) and a hyzer.

 check out this portion of an iterview from 1000rated.com with Dave Feldberg.  This helped me a ton!


So I get to 2002 and I go up against Climo back in his town at the Sarasota Super Tour - I’m playing against Kenny - and I’ve got him beat going into the final round. Of course, with my new push putt he’s taught me. I’m feeling pretty confident. But, it’s really windy - all of the holes go left a little bit and I’m throwing Banshees and Firebirds and nothing will go left. He’s throwing TL’s and Leopards and they’re all hyzering right to the pin on every hole. I’m just losing my mind, and I almost want to quit the sport - I’m never going to beat this guy - I’m just not good enough. I sit down after taking second place - Champ walks by me at the end of the event and says, “Keep your head up.” I say, “Champ, man, I’m out there throwing Banshees and Firebirds and I can’t even get them left enough. You’re throwing TL’s and your getting left of the basket. I just can’t do it.” And he says, “you’re not doing it right.” My ears kind of poked up - I always like an opportunity to learn something. And he said, “You’re throwing stalls, not hyzers. When you learn to thrown hyzer, it’ll go left for you - I promise.”

What he was saying to me was that I was doing what most players do when they’re learning. I was taking a stable disc out and trying to throw it out to the right and make it hyzer in. What does a disc want to do when it’s overstable? It’s mission is to go out and find the ground - so the reason it hyzers is because it’s going out and then the nose dips and it wants to hit the ground. If it’s windy, you’ll throw it out and it won’t go to the right because it’s stable, but the wind will just keep it there and it will just drop out left. It will be good; it didn’t turn OB or anything, but it didn’t really go in there like you would want it to do when it’s not windy. When you take a Tee-bird like disc or an Eagle that’s mid-stability, you throw it with hyzer, and what happens is it goes through the wind and it’s TRYING to hyzer - as it tries to flatten up because it’s less stable - the stuff that most people throw - it goes forward and as along you give enough hyzer where it never gets past flat, the disc will then try to go forward as it finishes instead of just hitting the ground, and it will dramatically hyzer further.

So true! There is a hole up here in MA. #14 at Newton Hill DGC  it is about 350 to the pin and is a dog leg right with trees on the right side of the fairway and branches above for the first 225 or so. You have about 250 ft. of open fairway in front of you and then you run into the woods as it doglegs , I would always try to throw my most stable disc KC Pro Candy Firebird to get there but could never make it. Then one day I pulled out the KC Pro 11x Tee Bird and threw it with Hyzer and to my surprise it held a nice line and skipped forward and I was Park City Utah !
Have to agree. A Firebird is too overstable to make a good Hyzer disc. It is a good wind disc and a good S curve disc but for a hyzer you want less stability than that. Hyzer is all about the angle. Of course the wind changes things as well.
Sometimes you just need a disc that no matter what, dives home. A disc you can throw flat and straight that will do all the work for you. That my friends is a flat top Firebird.
To me that is more of a fade shot than a hyzer. I would use my Banshee in that case. I consider a hyzer shot to be more of an arc of a circle where the disc follows that arc the entire way. In other words you don't throw a hyzer out flat. You put angle on it from the moment it leaves your hand.
True, but if you throw a disc with a lot of fade . . . . . . .with vertical hyzer, mmmmmmmm!
Yeah definitely looking for a true hyzer disc not just a fade, thanks for all the input!

Firebird & the longer, faster Destroyer. I use these in Star plastic

You can release any disc with hyzer. The flippier, the more hyzer needed.

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