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i'm looking for some discs i might like that aren't in my bag so i thought i could put my bag up here and if you guys think theres a disc i would throw well let me know.

Distance Drivers

174 Star Firebird broken in
168 Champion Firebird new
170 Z Surge new
171 ESP Surge beat
175 Star Valkyrie beat
175 Champion Glow Xcaliber new
169 Z Predator new
171 Z Force broken in
171 Champion Orc new

Fairway Drivers

175 First run Stalker new
165 X Stratus broken in


176 CryZtal Buzzz new
178 Z Buzzz new
175 First run ESP Wasp


174 Soft Banger GT broken in
174 ESP Zone new

Theres a FLX Drone on the way!

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you should try a boss, beast, avenger ss, striker, buzzz ss, meteor or z glide, and challengers for putting.

you carry a lot of different molds though. you might think about trying to trim that down. find what works and stick with it.
i think im releasing the pred force and stratus into the free agency but i might add a meteor i used to have one that i liked.
I would say a beast too.. Great glide, fairly overstable, but flippy enough that you can easily shoot ultra long turnover shots or S curves.
Well these are some of my got to have discs. maybe they will work for you. Fairway: 150g Z Flick (only way to go with this disc), Eagle, Teebird, and a Leopard. Mids: Roc, Drone, Gator, Classic Roc, and Wolf.
I'd defenitely add some Gateway to that bag...Give an Element X or an Element a run, and a Gateway Wizard for a putter (supersoft) A R Pro Boss and a Wraith too! That ought to do!
i want to get a warlork for long putts ive heard wizards are good but i dont like the thing on the bottom of the rim.
Out of what you have and what others have already said, I would agree with most of them. It all depends on how many discs you want and if you're the school of throwing many (having a disc for every shot) or throwing few (making discs do what you want). I like both ideas and I love buying discs and trying everything I can. There are so many slight variations of disc flight with a lot of the discs, you'll never know if something is just perfect the way it is (without having to wait forever for something to break in).
I'm going to have to suggest a Comet. If you like the Meteor you will love the Comet. I've never thrown a Meteor but a lot of people say it's similar to a Comet, with the Comet being the better disc. I was primarily a Buzz thrower carrying 3 different ones in the bag, but since purchasing my first Comet I have fallen in love with it and now carry 3 Comets and one Buzz! An awesome disc for sure!

If I was you I would take out either your Firebirds or your predator. Those two discs cover the same role in your bag, massive overstable driver. If interested in trying out other drivers, I would look into picking up some more fairway drivers to try. Start with Teebirds, Eagle-X's, and Cyclones. Since I like them a lot I'm also gonna have to suggest the latitude64 Striker and the Innova TL, both great straight discs.
how far can you throw there seems to be a few high speed drivers in your bag?
I can throw 350 consistanly.

Check this Disc out. Sweet for line drives.


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