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I have some questions that I would really like to have answered:

First, I am thinking of buying a new bag. I am considering the Innova Competition bag over the Deluxe bag or the Disc Thrower bag. The prime reason for this is the 32oz bottle holder. This is a pretty much a sticking point. Any other suggestions for bags or something I should look for. This of course leads to the second question.

I am using only one or two discs on a regular basis. These two are the Roc and a Viper. Yesterday, as an example, I used a Roc for all my throws except 2 viper throws, 1 hydra and 1 dragon (I always use a dragon on this hole). Sorry to the Discraft guys but my local shop sells Innova. Is this bad? Last year I started playing with a cheap frisbee three disk Wal-Mart set (it was a dad day gift). This season I discovered there are more disks. And I celebrated that discovery by purchasing a used Kite (what a difference throwing!) and it went from there. I have about a dozen disks most of which I do not throw. For the most part I have settled in on my two Roc disks. However, when I go and practice a round, I usually toss 4 disks per hole. Is this bad and why? Perhaps this is good and again why.

On DiscGolfU when entering the round data it asks for putts. What defines a putt? Is this a strict 10M rule or is it a putt when I am really trying to putt? Can I have a hole (with a birdie) and not be a putt?

Lastly to Mark Ellis: Thank you for advice on putting. I watched the video on youtube just prior to Memorial day . . . I have putted everyday (rain, wind, shine, tornado watch) since then except for three days. I have gone from missing five foot putts to nailing 30 foot putts on a regular basis. I seldom miss anything under 20 feet anymore. Needless to say it drives my golfing group crazy as I have gone from worst to beating people on a regular basis, just by putting and not missing. Again thank you, thank you and thank you. Just 30 minutes a day who would have thought?

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I'll chime in on the bag - I bought a Fade Gear Crunch Box and I love it. Good price, easy to carry and lots of nice features. It holds twelve discs - enough for an average round, at least for me. It has an insulated holder that accepts my 32 ounce Nalgene bottle. The putter pocket holds two discs, it has a place for a mini-marker and several pencils. I has a towel clip, a nice spare pocket and several other great features. It also has rubber feet on the bottom to keep it up off of the ground. Compare prices and you will see that it is a good deal. (It is also well constructed and very durable).
I love my gorilla boy bag! lots of pockets and two big drink holders.
This might be an idea when throwing with the group, however, when I practice I usually throw three to four sets at a time.
In order of my favorite to least favorite bags would go. 1: Latitude 64 bag. Well made with the best amount of storage out there. 2: Revolution bag. Very well made, but the main disc compartment drives me nuts! It's to small. 3: Gorilla Boys. Fairly well made. Zippers are to small and the frame is lame! 3: Phenix bag. Would be #1, but has no internal frame and storage is so so. 4: Innova tour bag. Poor construction. Might last you a couple of years. Have not tried the Fade bag or any of the others on the market.
As far as discs, hey what ever works for you. Hard to throw out a bunch of names. Since there are quite a feww good discs out there. However, Latitude has come out with some nice stuff as of late. The plastic feels really nice. Reminds me of the old gummy plastic.
Bag - Get a revolution mini bag. When you're ready to step up to a bigger one it'll be in perfect shape so you can hand it down.
Discs - Its good to really get used to a few discs when you're starting and gradually add more as you see needed. Don't just go to the party store and randomly buy your next disc though. Do some research, ask what people like for what shots, and throw other people's discs. That way you'll have a better chance at filling the next gap you'll need filled in your bag. Its not bad to throw multiple discs as long as you're not holding people up. Practice new shots. Throw a round all forehand or a round all backhand or all thumbers. Use a disc you don't normally throw, every shot for the entire round. Do crazy cross training stuff like that, I don't do it as much as I should, but when I do it helps me a LOT!!
Handicaps - Putts are a strict 10 meter rule i believe. Yes you can have a puttless hole, like chipping in in ball golf.
Putting Confidence Program - Rules! I do shorter modifications of it usually, but man is that the way go.
I love my Fade Tourney Bag. Holds about 18-22 discs depending on how many dividers you use (2 included), has 2 insulated beverage holders, I keep 32oz bottles in them no problem. Spot for mini disc marker, pencils, 2 nice big side pockets (I use 1 for bug spray, other for wallet/keys/phone).

I am kinda in the same boat as you when it comes to throwing the same few discs. I throw my Star Destroyer the best off the tee, so anytime I can throw it I will, and when it comes to short shots, unless I am in trouble and need to throw a certain shot I tend to stick with my roc. The only time I tend to not throw one of those is if I need a different flight path then my normal toss. Like if I need to throw a low shot with a lot of turn, or I need to throw over some trees, etc I will use a disc better suited for that. But if I can throw my Destroyer or Roc, those are definitely my go to discs, the rest are just in the bag for all the other shots I can't (well, can't easily or consistently) make with those discs.
Hey Charles Isaac,
I am happy to hear about your new-found putting skills. It is amazing what focused, consistent practice will accomplish.

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