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I saw this on another site and thought wecould help this guy out...




My car was broken into early this morning...

My name and phone number is on every disc on the front.
If anyone in the Grand Rapids area spots anything, please call me ASAP!
There will be a reward for anything returned!

Cody Moore - 616-325-0949

Green/Silver Gorilla Boy Kong
Silver Quad Shocks
Blue Carabiners

Z Force - Orange - Silver Stamp
ESP Pulse - Yellow - Blue Stamp
Z Nuke - Green - Purple Stamp
Z Nuke - Pink - Red Stamp
X Nuke - Pink - Silver Stamp
Z Surge SS - Blue - Silver Stamp
DGA P line Rogue - Red - Blue Stamp
DGA P line Rogue - White - Red Stamp
X XL - Green - White Stamp
X Xpress - Multi - Silver Stamp
Z Stalker - Blue - Red 2010 J-Bird Stamp
FLX Drone - Blue - Copper Stamp
Z Buzzz - Glow - Green DD Girl Stamp
Z Buzzz - Yellow - White Stamp
X Buzz - Green - No Stamp
ESP Meteor - Blue - Purple Stamp
ESP Zone - White/Tie Dye - Red Stamp
ESP Zone - Pink - White Stamp
D Ringer - Orange - Gold Stamp
D Focus - Blue - Red Stamp
D Focus - White - Green Stamp
D Focus - Yellow - Black Stamp
D Rattler - Blue - Copper "

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This is the reason why we need the death penalty put back into place in michigan
That guy is my cousin.  We are offering a 2nd first run buzz and First run Z nuke as bounty to info leading to recovery!
I'm out on the east side of MI, but if I see anything out this way I'll be sure to make a ruckus

Vincent Vega on a similar subject:

"Boy, I wish I could've caught him doing it. I'd have given anything to catch that @$$hole doing it. It'd been worth him doing it just so I could've caught him doing it."

I live down by Battle Creek and play all over the area down here.....I'll keep my eyes peeled for anyone trying to hock discs with names on them. People really suck sometimes.....steal my radio or my gps I don't care about those things......please don't steal my discs....I love my discs!!!
I'm from Grand Rapids, where did this happen?

You know I thought people that steal and break into cars probably never get their own Karmic Retributions, BUT, I was proven wrong on one instance here a few weeks back....


Not related to this EXACT instance, but we had a rash of graffiti and car break ins in our neighborhood for about a month. I got up one morning and my neighbor that was the Pres. of our HOA was talking to the Cops in my driveway. I went out to see what the fuss was.


A guy a block down caught a couple wannabe gangbangers breaking into AND tagging his car in the middle of the night. One of the guys took off running, the other pulled a knife and started threatening him. Our neighbor, was so MAD he didn't even think and as the guy approached him, he cocked back and threw HARD. Guy with the knife went down and our Neighbor beat him within an inch of his life. Cops came, all was well. The guy that was beat up snitched out his friend and they are Both BACK in jail as we speak. Huge surprise.....


So, with my restored faith in Karma, I hope the D-Bag that stole the bag and discs in this case gets what he has coming....

Bag Found, As I know everything was recovered..  The Theif sold the bag and discs to a pawn shop for $20 (all things added up to about $400) and the pawn shop called the number on the discs..  Owner has got his property back !!!  A good day for the honest !


From the Disc Golfer whom lost his goods..



I got a call today from the local pawn shop today stating that the just bought a bag full of "frisbees" and that my number was all over them. I explained the situation, he got ahold of the authorities and the rest is history! He wouldnt even except the $20 that the scum bag got for them. Thank you to every one for all of your help and support! Hope i run into you on the course; just look for the 6'1" ginger with a green bag! "
  Thanks again to all who were looking.,


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