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Our club is ready to purchase new tags for 2010 but we found out our supplier no longer uses a dye sublimation method to make them. Basically it transfers a graphic directly onto a material with heat. It's cheap cuz you can use simple pvc for your tag material and not heavier metals like engraved tags. Just wondering if anyone knows of a supplier that can do this in small (80-100) quantities?

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They use a transfer graphic but as long as it's not abused it holds up pretty well. At least for the given year while they're in play. I just recieved an email from J.J. today so good timing.

Good luck on your tags.
I've been away from the sport too long, when I was active there were no "tags" being talked about, given out or traded...

Some one please help this ole fart ;) ...what are Tags, their purpose and what's the value in them?
I just had this explained to me by a friend on here, i had the same question. Apparently, Disc Golf Clubs are the creators of these tags and they hold meaning/value in Heirarchy. For example, if in our club, we had 25 members, then there would be 25 tags, 1 being the "best" player and 25, the "worst" player, kinda like a championship belt that moves around based on who is better. That's my understanding anyways, and i'm sure not every club does it the exact same way.
O.I.C. Thanks, JD
We're doing the same thing, out club used to do it. We have a new prez and he decided that we should do it. I like it, that way you don't always have to play for money.
I just ordered out tags, 3.40 ea for qty 100, also 11.50 shipping. Small set up fee unless you do it yourself. Look on my page and you'll see our 2009 tags and as soon as I get our 2010, I'll post a pic of them too.
Temple Tag: http://www.templetag.com/

So Cal DGA orders personalized Large Herdsman with key chain rings (instead of rivets). These carry our club logo on one side and the date and tag number on the other. These cost about $1.33 each including ground shipping. (Our die is already paid for). You only have to order in quantities of 25. You could order medium or small tags and get them for even less. You also don't have to order them all at once. You could order 75 to 100. Then if you need more, place another order for the next 25.

These are practically indestructible. The ink has never worn off any tags in the five years our club has been using Temple. They also don't make clanking noises!
thanks for the quick responses, I'll pass the info and links on to our prez and go from there.
We use Little Flyers. A dual use Tag. Can also be used as mini marker.
The St. Louis Disc Golf Club - The River City Flyers - has been using one of our sponsors, Johnny Mac's Sporting Goods, for our tag production. Last year they produced 600 tags for our club (yes, we used all of them). We ordered them in runs of 100 at a time. We started off with our custom design (the possibilities are only restricted only by your creativity). Same goes for the back of the tag. We have put our sponsors on the back, league schedules on the back, and important tourney info on the back in the past. Once again, this is completely up to you. For the first run of 100 tags, we had the #1 tag made in a gold color, the #2 tag in a silver color, the #3 tag in a bronze color, #4 - #10 in a unique color, #10 - #25 in another unique color, #26 - #50 in another color and #51 - #100 it yet another color. After that, every run of 100 tags was done in its own unique color. This worked out really well! They are about the size of a large mini. The printing method they use is completely impervious to wear and tear. I am not positive, but I believe they end up costing us $3/each. This might be a little higher than some options, but the full-color possibilities make it totally worthwhile. You can use photos, custom art, graphics, or whatever you want. They look extremely nice!

Here is the info for getting a hold of Johnny Mac's:


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