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My 2nd tournament is this weekend, I am somewhat surprised I am going after the unmitigated disaster the last one was. My issue is what to carry in my bag.

Over the past number of weeks since the last tourney, I have cut down discs that I carry from 20 to 5.
I have been carrying and using 2 ESP Buzzz, 1 Z Storm, a putter (sometimes) and one other which varies between a leopard, a teebird, and a comet.

I can and will play a whole game with a Buzzz. I can drive, throw, putt, and anny really well with my Buzzzes

I have been driving with the Z Storm with good results.

Just started throwing the comet using a wonderful anny throw that works wonders.

The other is just for a 5th in my bag, that will do practice throws with to work on stuff.

Here is my problem I just packed my bag for Friday. I packed 20 discs and I can justify each and every disc in my bag as to why I NEEEEEDDD that one disc for that one type of throw. In the larger bad I have Tbirds, Buzzzes, Rocs, a dragon, kite, glide, valks, a viper, 150G Wraith, and a bunch of other discs. I have a nice little cart that I can put everything in with extra snacks and water and such (68 degrees for sat). Should I carry all these discs or just stick with my five and travel very light.

The reason for the five is that fit into a fanny pack nicely. I know I know. I can throw with it on and that is what i have been doing for at least 6 weeks.

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I will let you know what I do.... I take alot of discs to a tourny. I don't carry them on the course but I bring them just in case I run into a shoot were the first thing that goes through my mind is "DAMN, I should have brought that ____!!" ( I take it you've never played at this course). Also, if I loose a disc I want a back up for the next round

If you've simplified your bag to the point were you can play and are comfortable with those 5 discs. Don't worry about it, take your extras and or replacements and play your game!
take the big bag, BURN the fanny pack.
I would go with the bigger bag and carry the 5 main discs and about 10 others and just cut out 5 discs out of your big bag. If you can play with 5, you can play with 15.

I've always found in past tourney's if I carry less then 12 discs I end up usually screwing myself on a certain shot I need a certain disc. I find carrying more then 14-15 discs will drain my energy a lot faster. 4 or 5 discs may not sound like a lot, but every 2 discs is a pound (max weight disc is roughly 7-8oz/half a pound).

Also I find once I have 17+ discs in my bag, then i'll start to 2nd guess which 2-3 discs to throw on a shot. Cluster F's your head easier on disc selection more then your shot at hand. Peronally 5 discs I think you'll regret not taking at least 4-5 more for a tourney round, you never know what bad spot you might land in.

Good luck
A lot of it depends on skill level there is a minimalist school of thought that suggest youshould learn molds a few at a time and really learn them. So if you've been practicing with 5 take them but it doesn't hurt to have back ups for those 5.
Thank you . . . great advice. I am going to mostly throw 3 discs, Tbird, Buzzz and Putter. But I think you have good advice, thank you
Just take what you need. Keep it simple and easy for yourself. Play the course at least once before the tournament and see what exactly you will need.
I am a lefty who throws forehand for some shots so I carry 1 super overstable, 1 medium overstable and 2-3 primary in case of loss. I carry 2 understable drivers in varying levels of stability(wind). I keep a candy midrange, a flip midrange and a hyzer midrange. 3 putters(two twins and a flip putter). Basically everything has a purpose. Make sure it has purpose and it is truly your friend.
Carry more than you need. If you lose a disc you cannot call a timeout and go back to your car. If your towels run out in a burst of rain you don't get a mulligan. Plan for the weird and unlikely. In tournaments the weird and unlikely happen. The more important the tournament the more likely the unexpected occurs.

Think about the time, effort, money and emotion you invest to be ready to play a tournament. Don't harm your chances by being unprepared. A couple extra pounds of stuff in your bag is a good insurance policy. There are no do-overs in golf.
Well i carried the large bag with 15 discs. Used about 1/2 of them, needed the viper really bad twice. Mostly drove with Teebird.

Saturday I received in the mail my two new Z Storms.

Sunday, I carried 16 discs: drove with the Z Storm, threw the Buzzz and Wasp for everything else except 1 Viper shot.

Thank you all for your help

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