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what makes someone a bagger ? and why when you win everyone says bump ?

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In jest it's kind of funny, but like every one has said. If you play below your division level just so you can win. That's a true bagger or imo a wuss afraid of the challenge.
Im rated 921 and play int. and get called a sand bagger but i play to my rating and only won one am2 tourney does that make my a bagger heck no it means i play to my rating and place where i should .
most players that call bagger in am2 are ones that shouldn't be playing am2 at all i played a guy how got so mad that i was playing am2 and he was only rated 830 and dreambagging
" dreambagging" hehe. I like that.
That is funny!!! Bahahahahaha!!!
dreambagging division,no age requirement
1. Generally, any golfer who misleads others about his ability level, claiming to be worse than he actually is at golf.

2. More specifically, a golfer who artificially inflates his handicap index in order to better his chances of winning tournaments or bets.

But without solid evidence, its a very rude thing to call somebody; it can hardly be said in jest.
There are very few actual baggers in disc golf. Some players play hot and cold, win in their division one week and come in near last the next. I played 975 golf in kentucky one weekend and 875 golf in Ann Arbor the next. When you think someone is a bagger, look up their stats.

Also, unless you think the entire Duke basketball team is a bunch of baggers, a good advanced player is never a bagger. If a good amateur wants to stay amateur for any reason, I don't think there is any sport that forces its good amateurs to go pro. Either the money is there or it isn't. In disc golf, it isn't.
even when open players win, you hear "bagger' or "move up". Normally its in jest, but if you are winning and your rating says you are better then what you are playing, you should consider moving up. I beat most of our "local" advance players in the immediate area but cannot hold a candle to hte pro or open players here. I normally place in hte top 10 in PDGA events playing intermediate. So I a mright where I should be. But still get called Bagger all the time.
I have been called a Bagger beacuse I now play Pro Grandmasters. Some say I still should play Open Pro.
I just say what others have mentioned already. You know how well you are and believe me.. the locals know it too. They've seen you play. For PDGA's.. I'm normally playing Intermediate since it's my first year going at it. For monthlies.. I think it's time for me to start playing advanced...even if I do place last. If you're finishing up in the top 5 normally.... move up. It'll only make you better playing with more skilled players. Some stick to what they're rated...I can understand that if it's their first year playing tourney's.

Our local club has a rule: .. You finish first in a monthly...they make you move up to the next division. No excuses.
I really dont like "true" baggers. But as others have said people have hot rounds and cold rounds. But if a player in advanced is shooting 10 strokes better than everyone else and would cash in Open they should move up. I am replying to you mike because I think you have the best point of view on the matter and I agree more with you. I mean if you are shooting well in your division consistantly you should move up because it is only going to make you or anyone a better player by golfing with more experienced/skilled/serious golfers.
Now that we have ratings. There is no such thing as a bagger. If your rating allows you to play a division you can't be a bagger. This called the "I'm not a bagger rule"


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