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I think the disc golf manufactures are heading in the wrong direction by selling a stronger more durable plastic. I say this because I hate spending $18-25 on plastic. I love the way DX, r- pro, and elite x plastics fly and feel. You also can't beat spending $7-9 per disc. I can throw them so much farther then blizzard, champion, 400g, z or flx. I would replace my bag every season or whenever my drivers gets too beat up, sliced or chunked out. With the other plastics lasting so long, I'm never replacing some discs. At the same time I'm not breaking them in or throwing them as far so I'm only buying one and never needing to replace it.

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so buying 2 - $9 discs a year is cheaper than buying 1 - $20 disc every 5 years?

that math will never work.

also less durable plastic breeds inconsistency in throws as the disc is always in a different state of wear. add to the fact that especially with Innova discs, there is such a vast inconsistency from disc to disc that you're never really sure if you'll ever get another disc just like the one you've grown to love.

and currently the farthest flying plastic I've ever seen is Lat64/Westside  Opto Air and VIP Air

I love DX plastic as well but I must say that I do end up buying more of it. I generally go through at least two to three DX discs per year. Just can't give up the DX TeeBird which I can also throw quite well and a long ways.

So I get what you are saying.

I need to try those lat64/westside discs....what is that plastic type comparable to?

I guess what I ment is that I'd rather buy more discs, which is better for the manufacturer. Rather than buying one that ill never have to replace. The point that I was trying to make is that the $9 price tag is way more resonsonable per disc than $20 per disc. If your going to buy new every season. That's like two for one!

Like golf balls, you scuff em or crack em, you just replace it with a shinny new one!

Frolf..... I hate that awful word.

Buy 2nd hand Champ/star and save 6-8 bucks. I only throw premium plastic now because I play a bunch of tournament golf and need my disc to hold their stability over a long period of time. If You are having issues getting them broke in enough to fly like You want, I suggest dropping down in weight or changing to a more understable mold. 

Good point, let others break em in for you, but how do I get the name and number off the bottom? Pdga tourneys won't let you play with someone else's name on it, right? Or is it just as long as you can identify with original markings? I've given up marking my number on the bottom, sort of for that reason(resale/play it again trade).

I just scratch out the name and write my info. You just have to have your own identifying mark, doesn't have to be a name, just a mark. I know a guy who does three little dots so if he resales them Ink is not an issue.

I don't throw dx. After a week of throwing them they flip over way to easy .When I made the switch to better plastic I had to change my selection a bit.  I used to throw the dx valk in champ and star i threw a sidewinder. 

Im in love the lat 64 and West side plastic.  The tourney (solid) is closest to the titanium.  I should actually say the titanium is closest to the tourney since lat and West side was using it first.  The tourney plastic is also less stable then the opto/vip (clear) plastic. Either plastic is very durable and can take a beating pretty well.  The king and underworld  are my favs. You hyzer flip them and the go for ever.  Just picked up a stag that im liking a lot as well. Better plastics make for a more consistent disc. 

Btw Eric I agree frolf us a horrible word. We throw discs not Frisbees.

tournament/gold plastic is really close to innova star plastic and VIP/opto is kinda like champ but more flexible. add too all of this that lat64 glide.. the things just love to fly

I have a vip/air king that is my go to really long anhyzer disc. and a opto/air halo that is my go to distance bomber

Maybe I should rename this thread, what should weak arms throw for distance? Thanks for the insight on lat/westside discs. I'm stoked to try em out, since I am fighting the prodigy band wagon as long as I can. Half of it is the name prodigy that bugs me.

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