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We probably all agree disc golf is better.  But WHY?

From age 6 to about 17 I played ball golf everyday of the three playable seasons in MI.  Then I played disc golf a few times and it was a done deal.  Completely traded ball golf for disc golf almost instantly.

Question is - what makes it better?

My theory - Number one reason is putting.  The putting in ball golf is like a mini-game of the rest of the sport.  Instead of hitting the ball in the air hundreds of yards, the same player has to read quick, breaking greens now and leave the ball as close as they can.  If they putt just a little too hard, it jumps over the cup and they're putting again.  Reading greens is such a big part of ball golf.  Long putts are seldom made, and only the very best guys can ever hope to hit long putts by hitting the perfect putt.  The cup doesn't grab the ball much either.  How lame would it be to have to throw little rollers to lay up each putt in dg?

Number two reason is the primal nature of disc golf.  You're throwing your disc rather than swinging at your ball five feet away from you.  Less equipment between you and the flying object results in a game more suited directly for the human body to perform.

Share your thoughts folks!  I've had this theory for a while now and never thought about postin it until today.

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For me, it's because I'm a much better disc golfer than I am a ball golfer. There is also the cost factor $400- $500 for a good set of clubs, $20 for a dozen golf balls, then $30- $100 for a round of 18 depending on the course. For that kind of money I can get between 30 and 40 champion plastic discs, and play disc forever. No contest. Disc Golf RULES !
I think it is due to the fact that most people growing up have spent some time throwing around a frisbee. Whether it be at the beach , a cookout , or at a park , throwing is something that is 2nd nature to us and this is why DG is so appealing.
FREE!!! And if you have ever played ball golf, you will agree with me here, A LOT less discouraging when you have a bad round. I think when you pay someone 40-100 dollars you feel like you must go out and shoot really good or you wasted a complete day, and for some, a whole days pay of work. But in disc golf, if you dont play well, you have two choices since its free. (A) You can just relax and enjoy the rest of the round, and go after aces. (B) Turn your sorry butt around, and walk back to the first tee and start all over again. Both are way more appealing then having to suck it up and drag ass through a 100 dollar round. (If your playing bad)
I love to throw discs but we need more challenging courses(in my area expecially). More par 4s and 5s. I want to play discgolf on ball golf courses. I wish a birdie in disc golf felt as good as a birdie in ball golf. NO more pitch and putt disc golf courses!!
Dis golf is the poor man's sport while ball golf is the opposite.
Ok, so maybe I do agree to disagree.... However, I don't think that casual ball golfers ever expect to hit a course and break even. You talk about breaking 100! That is shooting in the 90's which for a par 72 about 20ish strokes over par. That is the accepted type of play amongst duffers. Likewise, casual disc golfers do not expect to shoot the perfect round of 36 on an 18 hole course. They may break even or shoot under par regularly, but it is all relative. So the point is that casual ball golfers are not out to break even. They are happy if they get a few pars during the round and maybe, just maybe a birdie.....
I loved ball golf and was okay at it, but 4 years ago I killed my back hanging drywall... bad enough to where I have not worked since! I triad ball golf, it's a no can do, but Disc golf on the other hand I can play... it still hurts every time but it's worth it!

For me what I like better is the feeling of being in the woods, throwing around trees, over and under trees... up or down hills! I play a city park once in a while but the truth is.... in the case of an open park with almsot nothing to driver around I would take ball golf if I could

That said I like Disc Golf sooooooo much more then I ever liked ball golf
i like donnys explination
Ball golf is the sport's poor man?
apples to oranges
Yea, the 2 sports are very different. There isn't nearly as much sense of adventure in ball golf. I also think disc golf is a significantly more athletic sport. In disc golf, the flight of the disc is way funner to watch then a ball.
The big difference between ball golf and disc golf is the fact that we have a direct connection between ourselves and the thing we are trying to propel. Also in ball golf the object itself never changes, just the thing that is used to propel the object. In disc golf we change the object (disc) for different shots. Also in ball golf the distances are much greater. The only real similarity is that both objects (the ball and the disc) fly through the air. Other than that the twp sports are completely different (especially when it comes to the possibility of making a living at it).

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