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We probably all agree disc golf is better.  But WHY?

From age 6 to about 17 I played ball golf everyday of the three playable seasons in MI.  Then I played disc golf a few times and it was a done deal.  Completely traded ball golf for disc golf almost instantly.

Question is - what makes it better?

My theory - Number one reason is putting.  The putting in ball golf is like a mini-game of the rest of the sport.  Instead of hitting the ball in the air hundreds of yards, the same player has to read quick, breaking greens now and leave the ball as close as they can.  If they putt just a little too hard, it jumps over the cup and they're putting again.  Reading greens is such a big part of ball golf.  Long putts are seldom made, and only the very best guys can ever hope to hit long putts by hitting the perfect putt.  The cup doesn't grab the ball much either.  How lame would it be to have to throw little rollers to lay up each putt in dg?

Number two reason is the primal nature of disc golf.  You're throwing your disc rather than swinging at your ball five feet away from you.  Less equipment between you and the flying object results in a game more suited directly for the human body to perform.

Share your thoughts folks!  I've had this theory for a while now and never thought about postin it until today.

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One answer--disc golf is easier! Anybody who as attempted to be a scratch golfer will gladly concede that point...
Ball golf is work that you pay to do.
I have always felt that disc golf is more satisfying as sport due to direct connection between your hand and the disc. The act of swinging a club to hit a ball lacks this direct connection. Many times when I have played golf, my club selection, swing, tempo and concentration all felt perfect when facing a 150 yd approach, only to see the ball dribble 50 feet in front of me. You rarely have that happen in disc golf when you have a prefect pull and release. There is way less disappointment in disc golf IMO.

Putting in disc golf is a game of lines and obstacles in the air, whereas putting in ball golf is a game of lines and slopes on the ground. Again, you have less disappointment when you miss a close putt because you can usually make the next one. This is not always true in ball golf.

As for Disc Golf being easier, I think that is relative to the course being played and the person playing. It is hard for most people to score low in ball golf comparatively to disc golf, but I think we have the same disparages when you compare people who play for fun with those who are professionals. It is just as easy to play disc golf as it is to play ball golf given the individual has the equipment and the means to get out to the course and practice. Playing good once you get started is another story. Beginners will not think either sport is easy, but disc golf can be mastered with more personal satisfaction much faster than ball golf.

So for me, I prefer disc golf to ball golf because the level of personal satisfaction and achievement is much higher in disc golf due to the nature of the two sports.
the 'relative to the course being played and the person playing' is a cop-out--you said it yourself "my club selection, swing, tempo and concentration all felt perfect when facing a 150 yd approach, only to see the ball dribble 50 feet. Your rarely have that happen in disc golf"--one reason disc golf is so great is the fact that anyone, despite athletic ability, can throw a frisbee...anyone who questions the difficulty of hitting a little white ball off a tiny sweet spot 1 inch by 1 inch square is kidding themselves into thinking so...
What are you talking about? What cop out? This is simply a matter of opinion anyway. Are trying to be rude? Or is it just your inherent nature?
neither...just an observation on the contradiction within your statement...sorry If it offended you...I seem to always get myself in a bit of trouble on this forum while defending the noble game of golf...
How is there a contradiction? I have played hundreds of rounds of both sports and have had many great ball golf shots when it all went right and I shot in the mid 80's. People are always saying that disc golf is easier, and I agree to a certain point. In my opinion It has to be measured in relationship to the persons ability and the course they play. I can birdie every hole at the kids course and shoot a 36 for 18 holes, but take me to play Winthrop Gold with stroke and distance and I might look like a beginner shooting in the high 100's.
Bottom line: even on the easiest of par 3 courses, the overwhelming majority of casual golfers will never break even in their lifetime; on the other hand, you will be hard pressed to find a casual disc golfer who hasn't broken even on an easy city park course.

That said, lets agree to disagree and be done with it...
Ok, so maybe I do agree to disagree.... However, I don't think that casual ball golfers ever expect to hit a course and break even. You talk about breaking 100! That is shooting in the 90's which for a par 72 about 20ish strokes over par. That is the accepted type of play amongst duffers. Likewise, casual disc golfers do not expect to shoot the perfect round of 36 on an 18 hole course. They may break even or shoot under par regularly, but it is all relative. So the point is that casual ball golfers are not out to break even. They are happy if they get a few pars during the round and maybe, just maybe a birdie.....
I agree.

Also, in disc golf you have way more recovery shots because of the trees. Recovery shots turn into primary shots as each player's forehand, backhand, roller, thumber, etc. get better.

Ball golf has one shot type. One shot type with tons of minor ways to tweak it.
Disc golf has multiple completely individual shot types - Backhand (from bh rollers to bh spike hyzers), Forehand, Overhand, Putt, and of course the Turbo Putt. Five Shots, EACH with wayyyyyy more ways to tweak as there are all ball golf shots.
Discs do awesome stuff. Balls fly pretty straight, and never s-curve.
Yea, the 2 sports are very different. There isn't nearly as much sense of adventure in ball golf. I also think disc golf is a significantly more athletic sport. In disc golf, the flight of the disc is way funner to watch then a ball.
I can play Disc Golf alot faster !!! And Cheaper !!!


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