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Hi, I'm pretty new to Disc Golfing.  I've been playing since last fall and have quickly become quite obsessed with the sport.  However, my throws don't really have much distance or accuracy off the Tee.  I throw right hand forehand to try and get as much power as I can but I'm wondering if I'm using discs that may be more difficult for me to throw right now.  I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a good forehand beginner driver?


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One of the best things you can do for your game is play with other, better people. For the most part, disc golfers are a great bunch of people and they love sharing what they know.


Good Luck to you YY, keep going man.

Thanks a lot.  I usually play at an early hour so there's not many people out.  My home course is 3 miles away from my son's daycare so when I drop him off (at 8:30am) I usually go play a round.

I hear you, I play at 6:30 as many mornings as I can during the week. There isn't usually anybody out then. Cracks me up, 12 million people live here in Socal and most mornings I have the park to myself.

Kind of hard to say without seeing your throw. If its turning left release thw disc with some hyzer meaning the end of the disc is released with a slight downward tilt. If its going to hard right flatten it or maybe anhyzer wgich is amgling the disc up on release. Discmania just released therw second how to on backhand drives. The video shows the ways to hold hyzer and anhyzer which would be similar to forehand. I say this because ypu mentioned earlier you werent sure what it meant. Also check out tge discraft pro clinic vids. I flick mainly wraiths and destroyers personally.
Thanks a lot.  I've watched a few videos but I guess I have to watch some more.

Open field work,set your bag as target and shoot.Frustration will be when you're throwing on fairways that are boardered with trees.I throw backhand mostly since my wrist is shot/arthritic.Throw a mixed bag.

ABCDisc Flying Squirrel,Innova Mosquito.

Check out Vibram discs/web site.Vids with each disc.

Good luck,welcome to the addiction.

Thank you very much.  I can already tell I'm at the beginnings of an addiction.  I actually started doing custom dyes on my discs too which has added a whole new level of addiction to it.

If it is at all possible, attend one of Mr. Ellis's clinic's. He throws forehand all the time, and is doing some sort of clinic pretty soon. (there was a thread on here the other day.)

Yeah, I saw that thread.  I believe it said its going on May 20th.  I have to see if I can get there.

found the thread, if you can.....go there....

When I throw a forehand/ sidearm I throw my katana which hooks alot but i play the hook so shoot to the left of where you want it to go and i use a one finger tomahawk kind of grip and just flick it it makes my friends mad when they backhand power off the tee and with a flick i out drive them....try different things buddy if you want something very stable the eagle is the best disc in my bag for beginning and i primarily shoot backhand

Thanks a lot.  I've been throwing a few different discs but none of them really are working for me...right now.


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