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Hi, I'm pretty new to Disc Golfing.  I've been playing since last fall and have quickly become quite obsessed with the sport.  However, my throws don't really have much distance or accuracy off the Tee.  I throw right hand forehand to try and get as much power as I can but I'm wondering if I'm using discs that may be more difficult for me to throw right now.  I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a good forehand beginner driver?


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by no means am I a pro at forehand driving, just working out the form myself, but the biggest piece of advice that has helped me the most is this..

keep the elbow tucked in as close as you can.

Thanks a lot.  I'll give it a shot when I go out today.

I only throw forehand because I have a hard time Anhyzering.

I throw a Hornet, Flick, and Nuke.

I know that this is a stupid question and I should know this already but what's the difference between anhyzer and hyzer.  Thanks for the disc advice.

tracker predator or crush


Learn backhand as well. You can get a lot of power in a backhand shot. For forehand you might try TeeBird, Sidewinder or Banshee. Start the disc low and with some hyzer. It will flip up and go straight.

I use a backhand after I'm off the tee (usually) I just don't seem to have the control or power off the tee with my backhand.  I'll have to go out and find a Teebird or a Banshee.  I have a Sidewinder that I found on a course but it's pretty beat up.  Thanks for the advice.

Power and control with backhand starts with proper footwork. Learn the X-step and then learn how to come straight through with your arm and keep it low. A lot of problems (like the disc going straight up in the air and turning left) are caused because the body isn't set up in the right position. The X-step sets the body up so that you will get power with your drive. Watch a good video or ask someone for assistance with the footwork. It's not that hard and makes all of the difference in the world. Once the lower body does the right thing all that the upper body has to do is pull the disc straight through.

Thanks, I'll have to look up some videos.

While drivers and fairway drivers that are overstable will be easier to throw for good results, they will mask any issues you are having with form. I am backhand dominant, but used a forehand for getting out of trouble and on holes less than 250'. My form was horrible, but because I was using a Firebird it masked it because no matter how bad the throw was, the disc would fight out and fade.


I eventually started working putters and mids into my practice routines. Once I learned how to hyzer flip putters and mids and get the height that was needed, I started incorporating understable fairway drivers into my practice. I can currently forehand any disc in my bag, and in practice I can really control what I want to do with them.


The real test for me right now is during a round when I need to make a forehand shot. I am working hard to pick the right line and height and select the right disc for the task. This has been going well, but keeping calm and not trying to over work the disc has been the tough part. When I keep my head together and don't let adreneline get the best of me it's magic.


Current Favs:


Aviar P&A  Putter

Warship  Mid

Teebird  Fairway Driver

Destroyer & Sword  Drivers

Thanks.  I know I want to get better but right now I just go out by myself usually.  I'm too inconsistent to go out and play a round with someone else.  So, I'm not really sure how my form is.  Thank you for all of the advice.


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