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alright guys whats your opinion on the best line up for a beginner. think about discs you could use after your not a beginner anymore. give it your best shot haha thanks!

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i have the wizards and pure i like them but i was thinkin about something understable. Why not the striker?

Innova- Sidewinder, Wraith, Leopard, Mako, Aviar 

Discraft- Avenger SS, Surge, Buzzz, Soft Magnet

Mix and match- Sidewind, Wraith, Gateway Assassin, Buzzz, Omega SS

No no, he's saying that that's his set in addition to the Striker and the long and overstable stuff.  Rick's a fan of the striker for reasons he can tell you more about.  I actually haven't even thrown one (sorry Rick!).
Pro D Stratus and a stable to understable putter such as the standard dx aviar or a pro d magnet.  Throw in a 150g teebird, valkyrie, or leopard after a half dozen rounds of throwing and they're good to go for maybe a year.  I still throw all of the discs on that list as well (except switch out the magnet for a challenger).

Oh no worries! For me the Striker is a tweener disc. It's longer than my fairway discs, but shorter than my primary drivers. But it's one of the best control drivers/fairway drivers I've ever had. The problem is when to use it. It's almost become a specialty disc.

Some stable to understable putters that I can think of are the : Aviar (not the BB), Magnet, APX, Voodoo, ratller (For you Mr. Ellis!), but it's what feels good in your hand. For me the APX swirl. Is thinner than the Aviar and is more tacky, but still rigid.

In my opinon, the best way to start is to throw light. The stigma that throwing heavy weights is the way to go is BS. Also, throw the bottom line plastic. This way you don't break your bank if you find a disc isn't right for you, and you can see how a mould will break in at a faster rate. As far as a line-up goes, All 150 Class. This is only my opinon, but I think that basically all moulds perform the same no matter what the weight. The only difference is your form andthe amount of power you produce. If you learn throwing slow and smooth, you can move up in weight if you choose to do so. Understable and light to start.then when you have good form and understand the importance of snap, move on To more stable and heavier( if you think you need to go heavier). Waaay too much info. To answer your question...all 150 Class...Discraft Magnet or Aviar P&A as your putter. Innova Roc or impulse (Why discraft hasn't produced a 150 Buzzz, I will never understand....Mr. Ellis?). Leopard or Cyclone. And A Teebird. That's all you need.

Driver - DX Tee Bird

Fairway Driver - DX Leopard

Midrange - DX Roc

Putter - Soft Magnet


I would suggest everything in the low to Mid 160's except the putter 170 + . Once the discs are being thrown flat and start to turn to the right for a RHBH then move up in weight and then evetually get your Tee Bird and Leopard in Champion Plastic.

I've just started playing, and have been playing more the past 2 months. As far as mids and putters I use a ClassisRoc and an Aviar putter. I have a San Marino Roc and Buzz I throw when I am emptying the bag, but they usually are just there in case I loose the classic. Drivers are hard to say because everyone throws different. I have learned this, because everyone tells me try this and that, because it works a certain way with them. My brother-in-law has plenty of disc, so I started with a Nuke, Eagle, Destroyer, RoadRunner, ORC, and Wraith. I use them to my advantage, but am still learning to control and throw them better. As I throw better and harder, some of them are turning over and not doing what I want. So now I am trying some more over-stable disc, and learning to control them. Actually I got them last night and need to get off my lazy butt and go practice...LOL

just starte my 19 yr old son out this winter with,

167 pro valk           

165 champ sidewinder

166 champ monarch

172 esp impact

167 dx cro

174 s magic

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